Components for Sage EM

Components for Sage EM

Our in-house developed Components and Interfaces advance Sage EM's core functionality

We have developed an extensive range of advanced software Components and Interfaces for Sage X3. Written in-house these Components and Interfaces are exclusive to Mysoft customers. 

Each Sage X3 Component has been designed to extend and enhance the functionality provided by the standard X3 software. Our range of software Interfaces enable Sage X3 to integrate with a variety of third party solutions including EDI, warehousing and e-Commerce.

Components for Sage X3

One-Click BP Situation Component (Credit Control)

The One-Click BP Situation Component allows a user to manage all aspects of credit control from a single screen within Sage X3. The following functionality is available:

• Aged open item details
• Total ageing buckets in currency
• Turnover figures for account-to-date and year-to-date
• Credit limit management
• Financial and commercial risk visibility

One-Click Telesales Component

The One-Click Telesales Component allows easy access to a wide variety of Sage X3 functionality from within Sales Order creation. This includes:

• Top selling products by quantity or value
• Promotional information – create product promotional information in X3 that is easily available in sales order processing
• New products – new products for sale can be viewed with ease
• Monthly Spend – view the customer’s monthly spend information
• Line-by-line allocation

Postcode Address Look-up Component

The Postcode Address Look-up Component has been designed to improve data integrity and customer service within Sage X3 whilst reducing data entry errors. It provides an easy to use postcode and address search facility which has been fully integrated into all X3 address screens. This Component includes:

• Postcode search from within X3
• Automatic validation of addresses
• Automatic population of address fields
• Postcode search database automatically updated
• Improved data integrity


Interfaces for Sage X3

A wide range of pre-built interfaces which enables Sage X3 to seamlessly integrate with 3rd party software solutions.

RedPrairie – Warehouse Management Interface

Mysoft has developed a comprehensive interface between the RedPrairie Warehouse Management Solution and Sage X3. The RedPrairie Interface provides:

• Advanced error logging and workflow integration to manage exceptions
• Status updates to monitor picking progress through the warehouse
• Standard integration includes receipts, shipments, stock adjustments and reconciliation

Netalogue – e-Commerce Interface

Mysoft have partnered with Netalogue to deliver highly sophisticated e-Commerce solutions which can be fully integrated with Sage X3 via an in-house developed middleware interface. The interface provides:

• Live X3 stock availability and pricing information
• Real-time sales order management
• Live X3 credit control and visibility of aged debt, including a view of sales invoices & credits
• Ability to pay outstanding invoices and generate payments in X3
• Real-time management of sales back-orders
• Maintenance of customer details
• ‘Live’ next available date for out-of-stock products based on incoming Purchase Orders

EDI Interface

Mysoft has developed an interface for the GXS Freeway EDI solution which enables integration with Sage X3. The interface provides the automated import/export of data from standard EDI document templates.

DMC Integration

Mysoft’s Document Management Centre software application has been enhanced to fully integrate with Sage X3. All documents produced by X3 can now be managed via DMC to provide automated distribution via email or fax.

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