Project and Job Costing (PJC)

Project and Job Costing (PJC)

Project and Job Costing (PJC) module for Sage X3. PJC enables more efficient project management and financial planning within Sage X3 for the service industry

Say goodbye to never ending spreadsheets, calendar mix ups and time consuming data entry with Sage X3’s project management solution; PJC.

PJC (or Project and Job Costing) is the Sage X3 solution which provides a comprehensive method of managing projects, services activities and contracts management. The solution is aimed at companies who work in a project based environment and/or trade in professional services.

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Project Management

5 Key Benefits of PJC:


1) Plan numerous projects simultaneously, within the same system

2) Integrate project management and finance

3) Verify that a project is running on schedule and to budget at any time

4) Streamline the billing process for professional services

5) Save time through project plan templates, logging time via a web portal and automatically generating purchase orders   

The solution allows multiple projects to be planned simultaneously. This enables you to:

  • See a global view of how all projects are running. You can see if they are on schedule to be completed on time, to budget and the forecasted revenue
  • Cross manage time and resources over multiple projects
  • Accurately schedule project activity and resource allocation

Financial Benefits

PJC controls costs at each and every phase of a project. By integrating project management and finance you are able to work more accurately and efficiently.

PJC’s financial features allow you to:

  • Avoid customer discrepancies over what time should or shouldn’t be billed for with clear invoices sent straight from PJC
  • Know exactly how much a project has cost and the revenue made, taking into account every single overhead incurred
  • Have greater visibility of finances across multiple projects and service areas

PJC will save you huge amounts of data entry and administration time through automated purchase orders, a time logging web portal and project templates. The easy to use solution increases productivity, simplifies the project management process and provides an accurate way of measuring a projects financial performance throughout its entire lifecycle. PJC integrates seamlessly into Sage X3 as it has been developed using the same safe platform in which X3 is written. 

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