Sage X3 Pharmaceutical Pack

Pre-designed pharmaceutical functionality exclusive to Mysoft customers

Pre-built workflows and processes for the Pharmaceutical industry.

Due to Mysoft’s extensive experience in the Pharmaceutical industry, through our current customers, we have created a Sage X3 Pharmaceutical Pack tailored to the industry. This set of components aids companies in meeting regulatory compliance and has been MHRA audited.

The Pack includes:

  • Stock release (all the way down to stock sub status)
  • User control
  • Password expiry
  • Qualified Person password control for stock release
    • Enables restriction of stock until the QP has final sign off of a drug preventing unapproved stock from being sold to the end Customer
  • Additional fields tailored to the Pharmaceutical industry including
    • Pack size
    • Drug strength

Sage X3 is highly suited to the Pharmaceutical industry with its extensive manufacturing module, detailed traceability features and strict user control set up. This all aids Pharmaceutical companies in meeting tough industry regulatory standards. Mysoft also have extensive experience interfacing seamlessly with other best of breed Pharma solutions, such as LIMS systems for drug testing. 

Find out more: 

    • Watch a free demonstration of Sage X3 for the Pharmaceutical industry here
    • Discover how to ensure full audit trails and authenticity of electronic records through Sage X3 
    • Hear why our current customer, Crescent Pharma, chose Mysoft as their Sage X3 partner 

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