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Big News from Sage Summit 2015

Sage ERP X3 is officially renamed to Sage X3 and Sage launch new Cloud based solution.
Big News from Sage Summit 2015

Sage have officially announced that they will be renaming Sage ERP X3 to Sage X3.

Stephen Kelly, CEO at Sage, broke the news at the Sage Summit in New Orleans. The move has come about due to, in Kelly’s words, the term ‘ERP’ reflecting ‘expense, regret and pain’ rather than the flexible, business management solution that Sage X3 has now become. Kelly described ERP as an outdated concept that is now irrelevant to modern businesses and one that doesn’t reflect the capabilities of the modern Sage X3 solution.


Sage ERP X3 new logo, now Sage X3

Sage have also announced a new cloud based Sage X3 solution that they will be rolling out in America, to follow later in the UK. The move to the cloud reflects Sage’s mission to make business software easier and simpler for small to medium sized companies to adopt and benefit from. The application will be delivered through a software-as-a-service model with exactly the same core functionality as the on premise Sage X3 solution. The cloud solution will have the ability to be customised without any extra coding or development and will also include data analysis of a company’s social media presence.

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