There’s a new face in our Consultancy team; Damian Bourke

There’s a new face in our Consultancy team; Damian Bourke

We had a chat with Damian Bourke to find out why he's joined the Mysoft team and what he enjoys about being a consultant for Sage X3.

We’ve recently welcomed a new member to our Consultancy team; Damian Bourke.

Damian comes from a very strong financial background having started his career as an accountant. He then became more interested in the accounting software itself and later moved onto work with a range of different ERP systems. In 2000 he made the move away from focussing solely on financials to managing whole ERP systems themselves. He worked with a variety of different software solutions in a range of industries including small but growing businesses, the distribution industry and three years spent in Cambodia for a non-profit organisation.

After working with a range of different packages Damian eventually came to focus on Sage X3, working with the solution for three and half years before being welcomed into the Mysoft team. Damian was excited to join an organisation that worked solely with X3 and one with so much skill and experience with the software.  

Damian finds his work very rewarding and says, “for me, the best part of the job is seeing a customer’s face light up when they realise how much time they will save through the solution that you’ve found for them. It’s so interesting being able to find out about other people’s businesses and helping that company add value to their company through their software.”

Damian decided to focus on X3 in preference to other software solutions due to the potential scope and breadth of the system, “you can just do so much more with X3 than you can with other systems. It can be tailored to such a wide variety of industries and requirements. It is a much larger and more powerful solution than anything I have worked on before.”

Damian brings with him a wealth of financial and distribution knowledge further enhancing our highly skilled and experienced team of consultants.

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