What makes a good Project Manager?

What makes a good Project Manager?

A cryptic game of 'guess who?' has us musing on the importance of Project Managers and their role in the successful delivery of ERP projects.

During a recent cryptic game of ‘guess who’ we were all reminded of the importance of Project Managers.

Without having access to the previous clues it was near impossible to guess who the celebrity being described was and trying to write the next clue with little to no information was made nearly impossible. Obviously, the game started as a little bit of fun around the office but there was an important message behind it. Without effective communication and knowing the full story of past events, it is nearly impossible to make positive progress (or in this case write the next clue!).

And this is where our Project Managers come in, they are the key to keeping the communication going across multiple individuals and ensuring the flow of information. Bridging the gap between customer and partner Project Managers are the key point of contact throughout a software implementation. Ensuring they know all the detail of what has happened with the project means that they are able to keep a project on track and ensure it is moving in the right direction. By making sure the whole team working on the project are well-informed avoids mistakes being made and wires being crossed.

Communication is the most important aspect of a Project Managers role. Without it you end up with the disjointed trail of emails we had in our cryptic guessing game causing confusion and ill-informed solutions. However, with a successful Project Manager overseeing a project you have a well-informed team, all working towards the same goal and clear about the desired solution. All culminating with successful projects and happy customers!

All our Project Managers at Mysoft are Prince 2 qualified and have had over 15 years’ experience working within the ERP industry. Our Head of Project Management, Natalie Pilgrim, has also worked on the client side of ERP implementations, so has first-hand experience of the other side of ERP projects. This knowledge and experience has built our unique project methodology which is based around Prince 2 principals and has enabled all of our successful, on time delivery of ERP projects. At the heart of all these projects is our Project Management team who consistently emphasise the importance of communication in everything that they do.

At Mysoft we are currently recruiting for enthusiastic and hardworking Project Managers to join our team. If you understand the importance of communication to the delivery of a software project and have had experience in the delivery of software implementations then please email us now via recruitment@mysoftx3.com. This is a unique opportunity to work with one of the top Sage X3 Business Partners in the UK. We have many exciting projects coming up in a wide variety of industries, including food and beverage, hospitality and hotels, sports clothing and distribution, pharmaceuticals and general manufacturing. The position will be a fast paced and responsible one within a progressive and growing company.

Find out more on our job vacancies page. 



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