Mysoft Welcomes Dario Perri To The Support Team

Mysoft Welcomes Dario Perri To The Support Team

Find out more about our new team member Dario Perri

Mysoft have recently welcomed a new member to their growing support team: Dario Perri.

Dario is passionate about solving any issues that he may face and enjoys tackling tricky cases and resolving problems.

In previous years, Dario has worked in a warehouse based company, driving a forklift, which he did for 7 years. He’s also worked for the NHS in homecare delivery, which is where he first got his experience with Sage software, using Sage CRM and Sage X3.

Dario works within the support department who mainly take calls from customers and help them on a day to day basis with any difficulties they may be struggling with. In order to do this, an extensive knowledge of software is vital as they have to be able to solve these matters as efficiently and swiftly as possible.

Dario decided he would like the opportunity to work with Mysoft as he saw it as an interesting company, with growing prospects and an appealing future. It is also near where he plans to move so his work is easily accessible. He likes variety which he will find a lot of working in Mysoft support.

He stated that, "No two issues are the same so there is never a dull moment in computing".  It is this that first attracted him to apply for a position at Mysoft. As far as developing his skills, he is keen to learn everything he can about Sage X3 software, the company and how business life works.

In his spare time, Dario enjoys gaming, which is probably something that first sparked his interest in software. Another passion of his is studying how things work and understanding how to fix them. He also enjoys walking.

In the near future, Dario plans to move into his own place and make as much progression as he can in the company. He is looking to develop his skills and perhaps enter into testing and development as he is very fascinated by the idea and has involved himself in that aspect of business in the past.

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