Meet The Team: Sue Symons-Presland

Meet The Team: Sue Symons-Presland

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We chatted to Sue to learn more about what she does and what she enjoys most.


About Sue

Sue joined Mysoft back in March 2012. It was an opportunity to get back to work after a few years being a mum, working with lots of lovely people a lot of whom she already knew. Sue used to work in accounts but is now HR Manager which she loves. Sue enjoys working with her “mad bunch” of colleagues at Mysoft.

Outside of Work

When she is not at work, Sue is happiest pottering around the garden with the dog and cat by her side. Her favourite thing to eat is bread and cheese, but not without a glass of red wine! Sue’s interest is music and she will listen to anything from classical to Pink Floyd to Coldplay. She also loves playing the piano and singing. Her movie choice is Bridget Jones because it makes her laugh, but when she needs a good cry, Remains of the Day is the top movie pick.

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Author: Issy Kirby
Date: 29/11/2017

"I now work in HR which I love. The best part of my job is working with lots of lovely people. "

Sue Symons-Presland , HR Manager, Mysoft Ltd