Mysoft Mountaineers Conquer The Yorkshire Three Peaks

Mysoft Mountaineers Conquer The Yorkshire Three Peaks

3 mountains, 12 hours of walking, 24 miles, 1,500 metres climbed and over £2,000 raised for The BHF

The Mysoft Mountaineers went to Yorkshire and they conquered The Three Peaks Challenge!

It was a very long and relentless day, the hike was a lot harder than everyone expected but with a bit of grit and determination they made it to the finishing line. The team has raised a fantastic £1,045 and with Mysoft’s sponsorship that will be doubled to £2,090 (view the just giving page here)! An amazing sum of money and fantastic achievement for the team, certainly making the sore joints and aching muscles worth it.

The Story of the Challenge... 

It was a very early 4.30am start on Saturday 8th July. Luckily we opened the curtains to a gloriously clear morning, with fears of a damp and rainy day pleasantly vanishing. The conditions couldn’t have been more perfect, sunshine with some light cloud covering. Our bags were packed, the walking boots strapped on and it was time to head off to the start line.

The atmosphere at the start was buzzing and the event was very well organised by The British Heart Foundation, with friendly marshals at checkpoints round the whole route. There was just enough time for a quick coffee and photo at the start and off we went, the hike had begun!

Peak 1- Pen-y-Ghent

It was straight to the base of the first peak, with the tip of Pen-y-Ghent looming above the early morning mist. There were some nice rolling inclines over some farmland before a sharp turn left when the real work began! A very steep and rocky scramble and we’d made it to the top of the first peak:

There was then a welcome steady decline before a long and flat 10 mile trudge across the Dales. The Ribblehead Viaduct and Whernside loomed in the distance, painfully inching closer and closer as the hours rolled on.

Peak 2- Whernside

Finally we made it to the base of peak number 2, Whernside, which was a long and gradual climb to the highest point in Yorkshire. The views from the top were incredible and we thanked our lucky stars again for such a clear day. Click image for larger version

With legs starting to feel the strain it was time for a steady, and then very steep, descent. Hard on the knees and the vertigo, the constant impact took its toll and you’ve never seen a team of people happier to see some flat ground.

Peak 3- Ingleborough

Of course, that didn’t last long. A few miles respite over some flat land wasn’t much comfort with the, what appeared to be, sheer cliff face of Ingleborough in the distance. “We must be going around it” “The climb must be from the other side” we tried to convince ourselves but, alas, Ingleborough slowly crept closer and closer as it became clear that, yes, that cliff face we could see was exactly where we were going to be climbing!

After 19 miles already and very tired legs, it was a slow and gripping climb up the last peak. Finally, the checkpoint came into view as we realised we had conquered the final peak!

The three tallest mountains in Yorkshire and we had climbed them all in one day. Again, the views from Ingleborough were quite spectacular, even more so as we could see the first and second peak miles and miles in the distance, satisfyingly showing how far we had come. Click image for larger version

It was then time for quite a soul destroying 4 mile descent to the finish line. With morale and energy at an all-time low, and a path of unforgivingly sharp stones, it was a hard slog back to the finishing line. After the longest 4 miles of our lives, FINALLY the finish line came into view! Never have we been so happy to see a blow up ‘Finish’ arch. With the pace picking up we even managed a little run over the final 100 metres! A big cheer, group hug, finish line snap and time for a very hard earned lie down in the park.

The sore legs and aching muscles have all been worth it for the amazing £1,045 we’ve raised so far. With Mysoft’s sponsorship that sum is doubled to £2,090! A fantastic sum of money for a great charity and phenomenal achievement for the whole team. 

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Yorkshire Three Peaks Facts:

  • Total ascent- 5,200ft (1,585m)
  • Route distance- 24 miles (39km)
  • Pen-y-Ghent- 694m
  • Whernside- 736m
  • Ingleborough- 723m