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A Fresh New Support Solution

Mysoft Support Team Launch Freshdesk
A Fresh New Support Solution

We’re pleased to announce that the Mysoft Support department are now using Freshdesk to manage all Support queries from our customer base.

This comes after an extensive review process of support solutions in the market place, with the Support team deciding that Freshdesk gave a great combination of customer benefits as well as the desired process functionality from our internal side. The product is really simple to use and enables our customers to keep track of their support tickets via an online portal, and provides far more data on ticket management to help us continue to improve and develop our Support department.

So far we have had some really positive feedback from our customer base, who are finding the ability to keep track of their tickets remotely and to see how a ticket is progressing, without needing to email or phone the office, a great improvement. The internal team are also seeing improvements in efficiencies by having a central system where all tickets are managed and processed. Freshdesk will provide stronger lines of communication between our Support team and customers, as well as automating activities that were previously manual, such as ticket status change updates, saving considerable amounts of time for the team.

Freshdesk is one of many ongoing investments Mysoft is making to improve the experience for our customers and demonstrates our strong commitment to building long lasting customer relationships. Moving forward Freshdesk will provide a more efficient, streamlined approach to support, enabling our customers to have their queries solved quicker and more productively.

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