Mysoft Annual Company Meeting 2018

Mysoft Annual Company Meeting 2018

Focussed around our “Noble Purpose”

The Mysoft team all gathered together last Friday for our annual company meeting.

The Mysoft Team 2018
This is a great chance, once a year, to bring together the whole team, including all our remote workers and Consultants who are normally out on customer sites. The annual meeting usually takes the format of departmental updates from each Manager, however this year the Mysoft Directors gave the Management team a slightly different challenge for their speeches…

Mysoft’s “Noble Purpose”

Inspired by Lisa McLeod’s speech at the Sage Summit 2018, Chris and Brendan wanted the Mysoft managers to focus on how their departments deliver not only value to the business in terms of numbers, but how they contribute to Mysoft’s “Noble Purpose”. Having a noble purpose to a company is all about not prioritising the numbers, but focussing on how your business benefits your customers.

For Mysoft, this is delivering solutions to our customers that enable their businesses to grow and work more efficiently. It’s working intelligently and diligently, using our extensive experience and product knowledge of Sage Enterprise Management to enable our customers to gain the most business benefits possible from their solution.

So each Manager then delivered a presentation focussed on our customers, and how their departments contribute to delivering happy customers…


Sales kicked off expanding on the theme of Noble Purpose, speaking about the fact that sales people with motivations other than purely financial gain outperform those solely driven by figures. Jamie then spoke about the value he believes sales at Mysoft deliver, that being to align a product and a service to our customers to help them achieve their ambitions.


Our Marketing Manager then spoke about the importance of our brand values and how vital it is that the whole business puts forward a unified message. This included some musings on what words we would use to describe Mysoft if they were a person; integrity, reliable and professional to name a few, and how this process of defining our brand is going to come to fruition through a website refresh and the redesign of all Mysoft documentation.

Project Management 

Natalie Pilgrim, Project Delivery Director, proceeded to deliver an unavoidable World Cup analogy, which perhaps went down better last Friday than this… Project Managers are the coaches of the match, keeping an eye on the overall flow of the game before dipping in at half time to re-plan and keep the strategy moving forwards. Natalie then went on to speak about the multiple “non-event” go-lives Mysoft have delivered this year. That does not mean that there was not a lot of hard work into making these happen but that they were so well planned and set up that all the hard work had already been done when it came to go-live. These were all successful go-lives with positive feedback from the customers for the work and effort that went into achieving that.


We then had Rosemary Weineck, Support Manager, speaking about the many exciting developments that are planned over the next year for the support department. Rosemary has set up regular update meetings with our customers and weekly training sessions with the support team, to improve their knowledge and experience on Sage EM. The support department are also currently trialling a new support solution which will enable our customers to have online access to their tickets as well as providing superior reporting and dashboards for the team.


Steve Higgins then stepped up to speak about the Consultancy team, otherwise known as the “Magnificent Seven”.

Mysoft's Sage Enterprise Management Consultancy Team
Steve spoke about the various innovative examples of each consultant’s work that has provided tangible business benefits to our customers. For example, Ravi created an innovative solution for expense re-charging that enabled a customer to save hours of manual input every month, all through Sage Enterprise Management.

Software Development 

In terms of software development the various benefits we have provided to our customers is clear through the many integration projects that the team have completed. Martin Arnold, Software Development Manager, highlighted some key successes including integrations with Bottomline Technologies, Drupal and SAP ByDesign. Integrations enable our customers to achieve a “Best of Breed” suite of solutions and integrate Sage EM into larger organisations. The development team have also been working on various customers’ solution upgrades, moving them onto Sage Enterprise Management Version 11.

Research and Development 

We then had Brian Martin, Research and Development Director, looking to the future and what functional enhancements we could create for Sage EM that would benefit our customer base. Brian highlighted the importance of our innovations being driven by our customers’ needs and will be looking into developments around CRM functionality, a system admin “clean up” tool and an interface for managing multiple carriers/ deliveries.

In Summary... 

Chris Schafer, Managing Director, then rounded things up by emphasising that at the heart of everything that Mysoft do is the aim of delivering real, tangible business benefits for our customers. Reflecting on how the company has grown over the last 13 years, Chris stated how keeping this mantra of “putting the customer first and passionately caring about the customer” has enabled the business to grow to what it is now.

There are many exciting developments and enhancements set to be put into action over the coming year and it certainly looks like the rest of 2018 and 2019 will be a bright one for Mysoft and for our customer base.

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"Starting from selling the right product to the right prospect, and carrying on through a project, sharing best practice and optimising a business's operations, and ongoing at a support level, allowing customers to keep doing their thing, whether it is making pet food or curing cancer. SMEs are the lifeblood of the UK economy. Anything we can do to move these smaller players into the enterprise space could unlock potentially revolutionary technology or advancements."

Jamie Watts, Sales Executive

"I want it to be clear that we are the Sage Enterprise Management experts and make sure this is demonstrated not just through the website but through the whole sales and then implementation process in all of our documents, tone of voice and ultimately deliverability of happy, referenceable customers."

Elizabeth Annett, Marketing Manager

"Customers choose Mysoft due to our ethos. One customer told me that they chose us because they saw a company that they wanted to work with because of who we are, not just because we provided a price that was attractive. It will be difficult but I also think important to keep hold of statements like this as we grow. Many companies engage because they want a relationship with a company and that is something that we’ve always been strong in offering."

Natalie Pilgrim, Project Delivery Director

"What is the difference between Invention and Innovation? Invention is what happens when someone comes up with a new technology, creating something that has not been done before. Innovation is when a new technology or idea is developed to meet customer needs."

Brian Martin, R&D Director