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Traceability of Raw Materials

Sage X3 How To:
Amy Paterson
By Amy Paterson, 02 June 2020
Traceability of Raw Materials

Using the example of a Jalapeno Dean Dip mix, Paul shows you how to use Sage X3 to trace the raw ingredients that were used in the production of a particular product.


In this scenario, a customer has raised a concern about the mislabelling of allergens on a particular batch of the product. As a supplier it is important to have complete traceability of your products as well as the raw materials used to make them in order to resolve any issues.


Find out how to:

  • Use BOMs to find details about raw materials - in this case, allergen details
  • Use Components to identify which raw material contains flagged information within a product
  • Gain complete traceability of your business


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