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An Interview With Mysoft’s Sage X3 Support Manager

Sage X3 Migrations
Amy Paterson
By Amy Paterson, 18 November 2020
An Interview With Mysoft’s Sage X3 Support Manager

I recently sat down (virtually) with Rosemary Weineck, Mysoft's Support Manager, to dig into what makes Mysoft's Sage X3 support service stand out, what the on-boarding process is, and what the benefits are to customers that have partnered with Mysoft. 

I asked Rosemary 9 questions that I think provide great insight into Mysoft's support offering and cover areas that potential customers should strongly consider before making their decision.

ERP is a business-critical system and you need to remember that entering into a support contract with a Sage X3 business partner will likely be a long-term relationship lasting between 7 and 12 years if successful. This means that it is important to make the right decision for your business.

  1. Why is it important for a business to have a Sage X3 support partner?

"Sage X3 is a hugely complex product that is configurable to suit multiple types of business. Having a support partner ensures that companies get the help they need in the shortest possible time to ensure the smooth running of their systems.

It is also important to carry out development work to ensure that the system fits the business’s requirements and having a support partner means that there is development capability for aspects of the system that may not work exactly as a customer wants.”


  1. What does the Mysoft support team offer?

“Over 250 cumulative years of Sage X3 experience across the business. We continue to grow in our X3 knowledge through regular training and support from the whole business. Our customers are our business and we put the customer first.

It is our job to listen to the customer’s issues and keep the system up and running in the best possible way for them.”


  1. In simple terms, what is the process of moving a support contract to Mysoft?

"First comes the full system analysis to ensure that we can offer the customer the support they need and that Mysoft are the best fit for the customer. This includes looking at the interfaces being used, any development that has previously taken place, support calls that have previously been logged, and an overall environment review.

Next, contracts are negotiated and signed; licenses are transferred to Mysoft.

As Support Manager, I will have a meeting with the new customer to confirm support processes and procedures."

Download the full Sage X3 Support Migration Guide here.


  1. What makes the Mysoft support team different from others?

"Our customers always come first. As a business we work closely together and have great inter-departmental support.

We run a customer event twice a year to speak about the new developments within Mysoft and the Sage world. Our customers have the opportunity to meet one another to exchange thoughts and ideas.

Our R&D team are constantly looking for new ways of improving our customers’ experience.

Communication is key and we do not give automated responses but rather pick up the phone and have a conversation with the customer to fully understand and empathise with their situation."


  1. What is the most common reason(s) for choosing Mysoft?

"We are a committed, dedicated team who really care about our customers and we always strive to provide the quickest and most efficient solutions. We have a really experienced team of Developers, Consultants, Project Managers and Support Analysts who have worked on Sage X3 together for years.

I recently received a note from one of our customers saying, 'Thank you for all of your help over the last few days. Working with you and the team has made my life so much easier'. Many of our customers are very happy to recommend us to other similar businesses who are thinking of joining the Mysoft family too."

  1. What are the benefits of using Freshdesk?

"Customers can log their own calls and have full visibility of the progress of the issue at all times. All communication can happen through the portal so all correspondence is in one place. All calls, whether resolved, closed, or still active, are available on the portal which allows for reports to be run as well as easy access to previous issues logged.

A customer can add notes to the calls for additional information, see who the support agent is that is working on their ticket, and receive a notification when the agent working on the issue is not available. They can rate our service using Freshdesk by replying to our survey which, in turn, helps us to improve our service."


  1. Why should a customer feel confident choosing Mysoft as their support partner?

"We do go the extra mile to ensure that our customers get the best service. We have the experience within the Mysoft team to ensure that we can resolve all issues and develop any modifications our customers may need to enhance their business. One of my team recently said to me, 'We offer length, depth, and breadth of knowledge'.

In a recent customer feedback survey, we heard that our customers strongly appreciate the personal touch we add when dealing with support issues raised.

We are looking to grow our support team in order to personalise the experience further so that each of our customers has a dedicated member of the support team that understands their business and Sage X3 system."


  1. In your opinion, what is the best thing about working as the Support Manager?

"I have a brilliant dedicated team who are all committed to customer service. We work together as a company and support one another. Although it sounds cheesy, I believe Mysoft is more than a business, we are a family.

It is a very rewarding role; all of our customers are great to work with and it gives me such a sense of achievement to have happy customers."


  1. Do you have any memorable stories about helping a customer during your time at Mysoft?

"We previously had a prospective migration customer who had not finalised contracts with us but was out of contract with their previous support partner. They had a system down.

The team at Mysoft worked together with the customer to bring their system back on-line and operational once more. We didn’t leave until the job was done and they appreciated this very much.

The thing about ERP is that if the whole system stops working, a large majority of the business also stops functioning which, as you can imagine, is very problematic and stressful for the customer. That is why it is important to have a support partner that is dedicated and efficient at solving the problem at hand."


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