Businesses change and develop over time, on their own and in response to changes around them. Enabling our customers to grow and evolve their business is at the heart of what we do, but as with most businesses, we haven’t taken a “step back” for a while to look at how the world sees us.


Back in 2005, when the doors of Mysoft opened for the first time, there was no way of knowing what the future might hold. Throughout this time, we have dedicated ourselves to evolving our team and developing them to become some of the most talented and knowledgeable Sage X3 experts in the UK.

In 2018, after 13 years with our original branding, we launched our first rebrand, which symbolised our mission to help businesses grow.

At the time, we did what we thought was right to stand out from the crowd, but we’ve outgrown our old image. We’ve been learning and listening, and we recognise that as the technology landscape changes, so do our customer expectations and needs. We decided it was time for us to make a few changes of our own

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As part of our evolution, we have refreshed our brand a little. This new branding reflects our streamlined business and the flow of knowledge between us and our customers.

We have stripped things back to get to the nitty-gritty of what Mysoft is really about –simplifying business, maximising performance and driving efficiency. We want to help your business flow, enable you to take the driving seat and equip you with the tools you need to take your business to new heights.

We want to convey things efficiently, clearly, and in a way that is easy to understand, with a real focus on inclusivity and accessibility.

We have taken steps to enhance the accessibility of our website, making it even easier for our users to navigate and find the information that they require.


While the future of technology is unknown, we know that the team at Mysoft will continue to excel in their knowledge of Sage X3, as the longest-standing Sage X3 Business Partner in the UK. We have dedicated the last 18 years to being ERP experts and bringing excellence to our Sage X3 projects. There is no plan on changing these priorities any time soon.

We are doubling down on our investment in Sage X3, with the ongoing development of our AP automation and Document management solution, X3CloudDocs, and continuing to grow our team.

We can’t wait to continue on this journey of evolution together with our customers.

We have been very busy at Mysoft over the last 12 months. Each year brings challenges, opportunities, and successes.

We have so much to be proud of; fundraising, customer success stories, as well as running our degree apprenticeship program and many more.  Reaching fifty employees is of course one that resonates.

When you start a business you have ambition, aspirations, targets and dreams- but the start-up phase contains many moving parts, the scale-up phase even more. For most businesses, this is a slow and treacherous journey, building little by little, creating and then recreating each step of the way. The learning and growing never stop, the challenges change but they never go away. To watch what you have created grow makes me proud, but more importantly very proud of what our fantastic team has collectively achieved. The core Mysoft values agreed on day one remain – look after your staff and deliver happy referenceable customer sites. Long may it continue and a massive thank you to everybody at Mysoft for allowing us to have had such a productive and successful year”.

– Chris Schafer, Managing Director

In January, we launched our Apprenticeships hub on the Mysoft website, which features the stories of our apprentices Bria and Lydia. Since then, we have grown our apprentice team, working with Pareto Law and Portsmouth University to help nurture young talent in the industry.

The environment at Mysoft is one that encourages optimal potential in our staff, with fantastic opportunities to build a career and a clear learning journey. If you’re interested in embarking on an apprenticeship with the team here at Mysoft, send us an email at

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In March, Mysoft fundraised for the Disasters Emergency Committee, who were working to meet the immediate needs of all people fleeing in Ukraine with food, water and medical assistance, protection and trauma care.

We raised £550, which could provide emergency food for 10 families for one month, and blankets for four families to keep them warm. Sage matched our final donation amount, which provided even further aid for those in need. We’re proud to have partnered with an organisation that values fundraising and feels strongly about supporting the lives of civilians across the country in intense times of conflict.


In April, we held our first in-person customer event in almost three years, welcoming our customers and partners to G-Live in Guildford to reconnect and share our latest news and updates.

We were joined by our partners, Prophix and ZAP, who ran roundtable sessions to showcase their solutions, as well as the team from Sage, who shared with us the latest roadmap and product updates. Eight of our fantastic Mysoft consultants ran a ‘Repair Shop’ session, to provide our customers with guidance and advice on all aspects of Sage X3 systems and business procedures.

We were also joined by the developers of X3CloudDocs, a cloud-based document management solution written by Mysoft, to share some very exciting news about their latest module release ‘Workflow’, an enhanced email and authorisation module for Sage X3.

Our customer days are an opportunity for the Mysoft customer and partner community to get together, network, catch up on the latest roadmap readout from Sage and of course, enjoy some cake!

B22 1 1

In May, Sage launched their new branding to reflect the changing needs of its customers. The new brand represents a new way of doing business, a way which focuses on simplicity and flow with the aim to help businesses grow.

B22 3

Here at Mysoft, enabling customers to grow their business has always been our key priority. That is one of the reasons why we were so excited to have been able to see the new Sage branding come to life for the very first time at the Sage Partner Summit…

In June, the Mysoft team attended the Sage Partner Summit in Dallas, Texas, to exhibit our automation solution, X3CloudDocs. As one of the most anticipated events in the Sage community, Sage brought us all together for the first in-person event in two years, to ‘Build Connect Deliver’.

We were proud to showcase X3CloudDocs as a silver sponsor at the Partner Summit, with the opportunity to connect with other partners searching for a cutting-edge automation solution that tackles common Sage X3 challenges. Over the course of the four days, partners were enlightened, inspired, and entertained, all whilst seeing the new Sage branding in action for the very first time.

Sage Summit left our team, and the rest of the community, feeling invigorated with new energy and ideas for the future!

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In July, we published our success story with Radius to mark the successful ongoing relationship between our teams. Radius Payment Solutions selected Mysoft to implement Sage X3 as a replacement for Sage 200, having outgrown the system capabilities of Sage 200 and requiring a solution with maximum flexibility to support future expansion. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Radius for many more years to come!

In August, we celebrated a landmark moment as our Support Supervisor, Sean Hewson, celebrated his 10-year work anniversary at Mysoft. Sean started working with Sage X3 in 2005, and has supported Mysoft customers since 2012. We would like to thank Sean for his devoted and committed work ethic, and look forward to his continued service in the coming years!

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In October, the Mysoft team were challenged with creating a pumpkin work of art! With points awarded for execution, skill and originality, our team went to town, creating some magnificent masterpieces.


In early November, the Mysoft consultants well and truly stole the show by taking over for our virtual customer day. The afternoon was focused on sessions designed to equip our customers with the latest tips, tricks and knowledge to optimise their Sage X3 solution.

We couldn’t have done it without our guests from Nectari., Gareth & Guy, and Martin from Sage who gave brilliant presentations on the latest news and updates for Sage X3 users.

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At the end of November, the Sage FY22 results were published, displaying another hugely successful year for Sage and the amazing contribution of the global partner community. Mysoft is proud to have been a Sage partner for 14 years, delivering ERP systems to help businesses around the world grow and thrive.

We also observed an employee milestone by reaching fifty marvellous Mysoft employees!

Mysoft50 1

We attended the Sage Kick-Off event at Twickenham Stadium, to celebrate a year of hard work and see what is in store for 2023.

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At the event, it was announced that Mysoft closed the biggest Sage X3 deal of FY22 for Sage UK. What an amazing way to end the year. In true Mysoft fashion, we rang our mighty Mysoft bell to celebrate this achievement and a year of hard work from our team.

Chris Bell

As a highly flexible solution that can see significant ROI, X3 provides benefits for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Although Sage is known for small-mid market customers, it has been great to see Enterprise customers continuing to come on board with X3.

A big congratulations to the whole Mysoft team on another fantastic year! On to 2023!

For the first time in almost three years, we were able to welcome our customers in-person to our bi-annual Mysoft Customer Day.

After eagerly awaiting the first opportunity to hold an in-person event after restrictions to gatherings over the last two and a half years, the time finally came for us to re-connect with our customers and partners face to face. We held the event at G-Live in Guildford and were joined by a number of people from Sage and two of our fantastic Partners, Prophix and ZAP.

The day kicked off with a brief welcome presentation from Chris Schafer, Mysoft’s Managing Director, who provided everyone with an update on all of the recent advancements and exciting changes here at Mysoft, as well as what we plan to do as a company in the near future.

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Becky Smith from Sage was our first guest speaker, giving a fantastic overview of the most recent Sage roadmap. She gave a comprehensive presentation on enhancements to existing areas of the system (such as legislation frameworks), and the new “Mobile Automation” functionality in the tool today and coming down-the-road.

For our existing Sage X3 customers who are using different versions of X3, the roadmap session is always a popular and very interesting topic at our customer days. Becky showed not only the specific functional changes, but also the longer-term strategic roadmap.  Becky also emphasised how important it is for Sage to listen to customers and partners to optimise a solution that directly meets the needs of product-centric businesses.

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We had the opportunity to collect feedback from our guests after our previous customer day, which helped us to determine which components of the day were the most valuable to them. As a result, the day was divided into five ’roundtable’ sessions, each with its own topic. Our guests had the option to choose whichever sessions were of most interest to them prior to the event, allowing us to create their own personalised agendas for the day.

The sessions were as follows:

We were thrilled to be joined by Tariq Hara from Sage, who ran a roundtable session on Sage X3 in the Cloud. Tariq covered the benefits of hosting Sage X3 in the cloud, the potential risks of not using a cloud environment and how Sage can help with the process of moving to the cloud. There was a lot of interest in this, and lively discussion from traditional on-premise, privately-hosted, and cloud-native customers alike.

Kasper Abild, Bruce French and Antony Haslett joined us from Prophix, to run a roundtable session around their latest campaign ‘Let Go Of The Retro’. Prophix helps businesses take their budgeting, forecasting and business planning to the next level with Corporate Performance Management for Sage X3.  Discussions and light demos took place, with a lot of common ground between customers looking at CPM in-light of the changes over the last 2 years and the economic uncertainty ahead.

Rohit Kanwara and Harry Singh from ZAP ran a roundtable session on data management and analysis.  Not all businesses view reporting, business intelligence and data in the same way; and the key take away from this session was probably that it’s a journey – one that never stops, reiterating and recycling best practice as the business (and business environment) changes.

8 of our fantastic Mysoft consultants ran a ‘Repair Shop’ session, to provide our customers with guidance and advice on all aspects of Sage X3 systems and business procedures. This table (as would be expected with 8 consultants) roamed from Making Tax Digital (MTD) to warehouse management to sales forecasting; with plenty of ground covered it highlighted the strength of the X3 toolset to address so many business needs.

CD4 3 scaled

Our Sales & Marketing Director, Jamie Watts, also ran a session highlighting the services that Mysoft offer, to encourage our customers to optimise the use of Sage X3 within their businesses, with the help of our very own experts here at Mysoft. This roundtable focused on the real-world experiences of how our customers are using our services today and how other customers can do the same (systems audits, performance tuning, regular structured consultancy, etc.).

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We were also joined by the developers of X3CloudDocs, a cloud-based document management solution, to share some very exciting news about their latest module release ‘Workflow’. X3CloudDocs Workflow is an enhanced email and authorisation module for Sage X3 standard workflow and batch tasks.

Naturally, the day wouldn’t be complete without a bit of cake and some goodies for everyone to take home.

CD1 scaledDSC 0023

Our customer days are an opportunity for the Mysoft customer community to get together and network, catch up on the latest roadmap readout from Sage and to see what some of the Sage ecosystem of software can offer.

We couldn’t have done it without our incredible partners, so a huge thank you to ZAP and Prophix for joining us and running such informative roundtable sessions.

Last but not least, thank you to our customer Trafalgar Entertainment for providing us with a lovely venue for the day – G-Live’s Glass Room provided a light and vibrant atmosphere for our guests to meet and renew old acquaintances.

If you attended the event and have any feedback for the day, please send an email to

We can’t wait to do it again soon, so keep an eye out for news of our next customer day which will be held virtually. (don’t worry, we’re planning the next in-person one too!)

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Pareto Law is a UK-based sales recruitment and training company focused on matching aspiring talent to positions that allow them to excel.


They have played a fundamental role in building the team here at Mysoft, with some of our most senior members of the team joining us from recruitment with Pareto Law.

Chris Schafer, our Managing Director, has had a dialogue with Pareto Law for the past five years. We spoke with him about his decision to use an agency like Pareto Law and why it’s important to Mysoft to recruit apprentices and graduates.


How did you first hear about Pareto Law?

Two of our previous recruits had been through the Pareto process (Jamie, our Sales and Marketing Director, and Emma, one of our Account Managers) at the inception of their careers. The quality of these recruits encouraged me to explore Pareto in more detail.


Why did Mysoft choose to work with Pareto Law?

Pareto have a very professional approach. Their model is tried and tested and if you, as the client, have the right infrastructure to support the candidates it makes a lot of sense. One of the major challenges when scaling your business is recruitment, not just finding individuals but having a strategic people plan. You cannot simply employ more and more expensive, seasoned professionals. You have to also have a nursery system to feed junior staff at the beginning of their career journey. This is essentially what Pareto offer.


Can you explain the process of recruiting with Pareto Law?

We had a series of initial discussions with consultants at Pareto about the various options they provide. The apprentice option was explained well by Preto and fitted our requirements for bright, young human beings who are hungry for a challenge.


How did you find the process of recruiting with Pareto Law?

It was efficient, they responded quickly and found a small number of good candidates. The real benefit for the client is pre-screening, which takes much of the hard work out of the recruitment process.


Why is it that Mysoft are choosing to work with graduates/apprentices?

Nurturing young talent is very important to Mysoft, bringing on graduates/apprentices gives us the opportunity to take just the raw ingredients and then provide the training and framework for individuals to flourish and grow. Every business needs young, fresh talent – it forms a critical part of the workforce. Also, the government currently provide some excellent financial incentives to businesses like Mysoft take on apprentices. The candidates also get the benefit of the apprenticeship training.


Check out the Government Apprenticeship website for more information.

Meet our current Project Management apprentices from Portsmouth University, Bria and Lydia, and find out more about their journey as apprentices at Mysoft.

“Our mission is to empower people and businesses worldwide to unleash their potential.”

Pareto Team, Pareto Law

I caught up with Richard for the anniversary of his first year at Mysoft to find out a little more about his experience with Sage X3 and his time so far at Mysoft.

Richard joined Mysoft in October 2020 as part of our ever-growing Consultancy team.

Having had around 17 years’ experience working at Sage, and five years’ experience with Sage X3, he has been an extremely valuable addition to our team.

Richard Aird Photo

Could you summarise your career at Sage?

“I spent almost 17 years working at Sage starting my journey, as many do, in Sage 50 support way back in 2003. This experience provided a good foundation for me to begin to understand how businesses work and start to develop key skills like troubleshooting, thinking laterally, structured analysis, communicating precisely and clearly etc. This was the early 2000s, so we couldn’t simply run a remote session to see a problem like we would today. It took methodical, clear questioning to resolve an issue, which was a really good learning experience.”

“However, very few people want to spend their entire career delivering telephone-based support and I was always keen to progress onto more complex software solutions, so when my wife and I moved London, I transferred to the Sage office near Reading and into the world of enterprise level software working with Line 500 and Sage 1000.”

“I spent 10 years working with these products in various roles, after a few years in support I moved to R&D to be a Business Analyst (Product Owner would probably be a better term), where I learnt more about scoping and delivering projects, developing requirements and producing quality documentation. My final role was as Product Manager for Sage 1000 which provided different challenges from managing team expectations, communicating at a high level with customers and partners (sometimes delivering difficult messages), and becoming far more involved in commercial and strategic decisions.”

“I transitioned to Sage X3 in March 2016 so I’ve been learning the system for roughly 5 and a half years. I still learn something new most weeks…”

In your opinion, what has been your most notable Sage X3 project so far?

“We had an ‘off-track’ project with a customer where, for various reasons, the project ended up being below the standard we would’ve liked with strained customer relations and a tight go-live deadline. Working closely with an excellent Project Manager, we were able to ‘reset’ the project, by getting back to the fundamentals of prioritising key tasks and agreeing a sensible scope, building trust with the customer and improving the quality of the solution. Rescue projects can be quite satisfying in the end.”

What do you like most about Sage X3 as a solution?

“I see Sage X3 as a toolkit or a functional framework. So, although it can work out of the box and be standardised, it has amazing flexibility, and once one understands the concepts and how the configuration can be manipulated, it becomes a powerful beast (but also much less scary).”

What does a standard day at Mysoft look like for you?

“Typically, I’m booked to work with a customers 3 to 4 days each week, that could be for anything from scoping the introduction of a new piece of functionality or configuring the system to an agreed scope, to designing a new SEI data model for reporting or helping load data into the system, it’s very varied.”

“Over the past year I’ve spent a lot of time working with customers to ensure their systems are setup correctly for VAT and that they’re utilising the many Sage X3 functional enhancements, delivered to ensure compliance with Making Tax Digital. Additionally, as many of our customers import from and export to the EU, post-Brexit, I’ve become a lot more familiar than I ever expected to with EORI codes, Incoterms, Postponed VAT accounting, deferred tax, the CHIEF service etc…”

Why did you choose to join the Mysoft team?

“I was aware of the Mysoft back story, of being early adopters of Sage X3 in the UK, and knowing that they had the expertise that went along with that experience, so they were always one of the first Sage resellers that came to mind when thinking where my future lay. Once I had an initial conversation with the Consultancy team manager, Steve Higgins, it was clear that were also aligned culturally around an ethos of collaboration, knowledge sharing and looking out for one another. Additionally, although we all work hard, we retain a good work life balance that allows each of us the space and flexibility we need to deliver quality work.”

It’s not all hard work…

“My wife and I had our first child (a boy) last year so we decided to return to our native north east and having recently made the move there hasn’t been a lot of time for my normal hobbies and activities.”

“I’m a keen cyclist so I’m eventually looking forward to rediscovering the Northumberland countryside on two wheels. Whilst living in London my wife I enjoyed paddle-boarding on the Thames and we’re hoping to buy a house by the sea so we can continue to enjoy that pastime. We will need to invest in some quality neoprene wetsuits to cope with the different climate and water conditions!”

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This Halloween, the team at Mysoft have been raising money for the Huni Kuin Project, by carving pumpkins and baking cakes.

Our office Manager, Ellie Wrenn, spent some time putting together a ‘Halloween Howler’ competition for the whole team at Mysoft, in order to raise funds for our chosen charity, the Huni Kuin Project.

In Ellie’s words: “It’s about time we had a little bit of healthy competition in the office!”.

The team were given three options:

1. Pumpkin Carving: simply carve a pumpkin and send a photo of the completed specimen. Scoring will be based on originality, execution and skill level.

2. Pumpkin Bake Off: using the pulp you extract from your pumpkin, create an edible dish and give it a ghoulish name. Scoring will be based on originality, fun factor and name.

3. Judging: if you’re neither artistic or good in the kitchen, join the fun by judging!

Take a look at some of our talented team’s pumpkins below:


Here are the bakes:

(From left to right- Satan’s Suppurating Sepsis Seeds, salted caramel toasted pumpkin seed brittle. ChoccaHorror, a chocolate pumpkin cake and last but not least, a roasted pumpkin and chickpea curry surprise).


The Huni Kuin are one of several indigenous tribes trying to save the Amazon, but also their own existence in the face of persecution. They have, in recent years, started to connect with the west for help to reach out, but also for sharing their own ancient knowledge about the healing power of plants and social cohesion.

The project is dedicated to protecting 16,000 hectares of forest in Jordão, Brazil, by enabling the Huni Kuin tribe to buy the land and establish a protected home for both themselves and other uncontacted groups.

huni kuin

Unfortunately, the history of the Huni Kuin is marked by great suffering, which begins with the first contact with Western civilization about a century ago and continues to this day: at that time, they suffered forced labour, displacement and genocide. Today, it is mainly racism, poverty and human greed that threaten their lives and destroy their habitat. More and more pieces of forest are becoming victims of fire or are being cut down to make room for cattle and soy plantations.”

One solution to save themselves and the forest is to acquire their own land. This is unusual, because indigenous peoples do not normally have private land ownership. The Huni Kuin do: they are one of the first indigenous Amazon peoples to have already purchased their own land. The Huni Kuin want to continue with this. By acquiring it, they are strengthening the association of indigenous territories that exist in the region.”

Learn more about the Huni Kuin Project here.

We are thrilled to announce that the team were able to raise £120.00 for the project.

Bria and Lydia are our latest degree apprenticeship recruits, studying with the University of Portsmouth to earn a Level 6 Project Management Qualification. They are working within the Project Management team, assisting the day-to-day running of the department and working with our customers.


To find out what it’s really like to be an apprentice at Mysoft, we asked Bria and Lydia for their own thoughts:

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

B: I wanted to be able to learn and start my career at the same time to boost my career progression. I am also a practical and visual learner, and I wanted to be able to apply my knowledge directly from the degree to real work situations.

L: I was looking specifically for a job that involved a certain level of training and development as I value the opportunity for further learning to increase my skills and confidence. Being able to apply the learning in-situ really aids my understanding of the theory.


How has the experience been so far as an apprentice at Mysoft?

B: Really good. I’ve had a great support system from the start which has enabled me to understand the ins and outs of project management. I’ve been able to gain an understanding of Mysoft activities, to the point where I can suggest improvements to processes. I’ve been given the responsibility of my own projects, and had support all the way through.

L: From day one, Mysoft have been very welcoming and supportive. I have been made to feel that my contribution is valued and appreciated.


What has been the best part of the apprenticeship so far?

B: Starting my first project.

L: Joining a new team and learning from their experience.


What has been the most challenging part of the apprenticeship so far?

B: Completing my first university written assignment.

L: Completing university group assignments virtually due to lockdown.


Do you have any advice for people who are considering an apprenticeship?

B: Look into how you learn best and what is right for you. The apprenticeship has been a great start to accelerating my career and gives you the opportunity to learn from industry professionals whilst gaining a qualification. The apprenticeship route is not the easiest route, as it’s a dedication of time and commitment, but the benefits of putting hard work in are absolutely worth it.

L: The apprenticeship will often include assignments and coursework so be prepared to dedicate extra time to ensure that these are produced to the very best of your ability. These will aid your development towards your final goal.


Find out more about apprenticeships with Mysoft here.

We are very pleased to announce that our new product, X3CloudDocs, is now listed on Sage Marketplace.

Designed to complement Sage X3, X3CloudDocs is an official, Sage verified invoicing App.

X3 Cloud Docs Logo Pink 700w

Sage Marketplace enables businesses to customise their Sage experience with cloud-based Apps that work perfectly with existing solutions from day one. Sage Marketplace was launched in February 2020 and is now home to a curated selection of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) showcasing popular Apps that link to Sage Business Cloud solutions.

As the developer and parent company to X3CloudDocs, Mysoft is delighted to be entering this ecosystem to sit alongside some of our own industry-leading partners such as Sage Data & Analytics and Prophix. This development allows millions of Sage users to access X3CloudDocs and the efficiency benefits it has to offer. It has the capability to transform Finance teams globally across the Sage X3 landscape.

A simple implementation gives a Finance Departments the ability to automate their Accounts Payable (AP) invoice process, reducing manual entry by up to 90%. The intelligent technology allows businesses to experience exponential time and cost savings through automation. User manuals and installation details provided upon purchase give users the ability to self-serve which illustrates its easy-to-use functionality.

Find out more about X3CloudDocs here.

Brian Martin, X3CloudDocs’ Product Author, said “Joining Sage Marketplace with a Sage X3-focussed product that concentrates on digital efficiency and automation is something we have always wanted to achieve. Partnering with Sage adds to our credibility and gives Sage X3 users confidence in us as a business. This opportunity opens up access to an ecosystem that will help our business grow.”

Having been a trusted Sage partner for over 15 years, Mysoft were able to expedite the process of joining Sage Marketplace. In fact, Mysoft is the first UK Sage X3 partner to bring a Sage X3 specific App to the platform. Mysoft’s 250 cumulative years of experience has enabled X3CloudDocs to pass rigorous technical, functional and security testing. It’s a major achievement and not one that Sage award easily.

The Mysoft team are proud to reach this fantastic milestone and look forward to further developing the capabilities of X3CloudDocs.

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After the uncertainty of 2020 there appears to be a much more promising outlook to 2021 once the roll out of the COVID vaccine has been achieved.

At Mysoft we are predicting a year of business transformation.

The combination of economic constraints imposed by COVID and the lack of clarity around BREXIT stifled many businesses in 2020, while also creating vast opportunity for growth, consolidation and transformation in the 2021. We noted a significant shift from physical retail to online retail as a result of ‘lockdowns’, remote working driving automation and collaboration, the pace of business increased with 24/7 emails and ‘Just in Time’ operations becoming more prevalent. 2021 will, hopefully, provide a far more stable base for businesses looking to improve processes, grow and become leaner – and Mysoft looks forward to joining our customers on their journeys. There is no immediate respite from the physical limitations on the COVID lockdowns, but most businesses have now successfully achieved a transition to hybrid-remote working; the year ahead will allow this switch to begin to transform wider business practices too.

13 png for web 483

The 1st Jan 2021 appeared with a whisper, BREXIT seeming to have had little significant impact immediately despite many concerns.  Mysoft customers have started to get in touch, now there is a clearer set of changes for businesses, to configure their Sage X3 systems to meet the requirements they have identified.  As every business is different Mysoft cannot be experts in what BREXIT means for your business, but we are experts making ERP systems reflect business need and will be very happy to assist in helping you bring your X3 system in line with the new guidelines.

For those businesses not yet sure of what you need to do there is lots of information available from the Government and the likes of Sage:

Once you understand what BREXIT means for your business Mysoft can help you to configure the system to be compatible with these new requirements. Just get in touch!

2021 will be the Year of the Ox; we are expecting a bullish year ahead with growth, investment, and confidence in the wake of the more turbulent months recently past. We will continue to support our customers in moving their operations to remote, or hybrid-remote, with the operational benefits of a disparate workforce. Mysoft will be focusing on Digital Transformation in all aspects of business, from automating finance to supply-chain enhancements to cloud computing, and we are excited to be sharing the next year with you.

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Mysoft is very pleased to announce that Marc Dennis has joined the development team, bringing with him years of far-reaching Sage X3 experience.

Marc began working with X3 back when it was still owned by Adonix and has played a vital role in introducing Sage X3 to the wider world.

Marc’s career has always been heavily focussed on software development, making him a very valued and experienced member of the Mysoft team.

Sage X3 Experience

Marc has been heavily involved with the development of X3 since 2001, before it was taken over by Sage in 2005. During the early years he also worked closely with Chris Schafer, Brendan Kirby, and David Frith, among other Sage X3 legends.

Marc specialises in bespoke development of Sage X3. He is also a bit of a whizz in the training of web services and development arts. A key part of Marc’s Sage X3 career has been focussed on educating the surrounding Sage environment, as well as providing a helping hand on international Sage X3 projects. His work with Sage X3 has taken him all over the world including France, Germany, Poland, Russia, South Africa, and of course, the UK.

We asked Marc what he liked most about Sage X3 as a solution: “X3 is a complex and, in turn, very flexible solution in what it can do. By and large, Sage X3 can cope with almost every situation a customer is likely to come across.”

A highlight for Marc has been his ability to help people from around the globe in the Sage X3 technical environment. Over the years he has passed on his knowledge, helping to achieve the impressive Sage X3 solution we know today.

Why Join Mysoft?

In previous roles and projects, Marc has worked closely with many of the Mysoft team members. In the past, David Frith and Marc have capitalised on their extensive Sage X3 knowledge, bounced ideas off one another, and created the perfect solution for a number of customers.

Marc comments, “Having worked with a large number of the team, I know the background of the company and I feel that the ethos of Mysoft fits well with my own.”

It’s Not All Hard Work

When Marc isn’t hard at work, he can be found volunteering at the Mid Hants Railway helping to maintain and install the signalling for a fleet of steam locomotives. The railway runs the full 10 miles between the market towns of Alresford and Alton, preserving an important piece of 1940’s – 70’s railway heritage.

Marc Dennis 2

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