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The Challenges of Changing Sage X3 Support Partner

It is important not to shy away from the fact that there will be challenges if a business wishes to change their support partner.

But you must remember that there are also solutions.

A plethora of unique solutions that are available to each business’s needs and requirements.

In this blog we will discuss the challenges that a business may encounter on this journey. We will offer some suggestions of ways you can prepare if you choose to explore this option.

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Intellectual Property

Support of another party’s Intellectual Property (IP) can be challenging. With many variables including the quality of documentation and development, or transparency of source there can also be legal or other restriction on the supportability of IP in an X3 installation.

IP is typically owned by the developing party, not the client – unless otherwise stated within the customer contract. Therefore, any modifications or integrations to the customer’s X3 system may be considered the IP of the existing partner.  The customer will need to check contracts and understand the implications of moving to another partner.

Mysoft has, in the past, been required to undertake support or re-development of existing IP.  As standard practice, where it is possible, technically and legally, Mysoft will offer to support the existing IP.


Long Contracts

Multi-year contracts are common in the software industry, although not the standard.  It is necessary to ensure that, before attempting to switch partner, there is no long-term tie-in. And if there is an existing long-term commitment, ensure there are grounds to terminate this before the contract term.


Exit Terms

Onerous exit terms can exist in contracts which preclude a support migration. These are rare but will require investigation into the contract.


The ‘Sunk Cost’ Fallacy

The sunk cost fallacy is a common cognitive bias where there is the perception that money previously spent will be ‘lost’ if a change is undertaken and therefore the better course of action is to continue spending. If the current contract is not delivering value, then the money is already spent and lost (even if still in contract). Switching sooner may be better.


In Part 3 of this series we will explore common evaluation criteria and decision-making factors when selecting Sage X3 support partners.


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