Our partner for B2B mobile apps

SwiftCloud is a leading B2B mobile app provider, creating applications that integrate with your back-office IT system, designed to drive sales and increase customer satisfaction through 24/7 online ordering.

Why Buy SwiftCloud?

  • SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App is a market-leading app
  • App users buy 3 times more than mobile web users
  • Over 70% of buyers want to see stock availability before placing orders
  • App conversion rates are 120% higher than on mobile web-site – apps are easier to access and use
  • Apps deliver 2.5 times higher retention rates than mobile web-sites – convenience and reliability generate customer loyalty
  • 97% of Push Notifications are read, compared with just 4% for email. Drive top-line sales with powerful, tailored promotions and special offers
  • 64% of smartphone owners are now using apps to shop online
  • 50m apps are downloaded every day for iPhone and Android devices
  • App users interact 2.8 times more than mobile web-users

Unlock the features of SwiftCloud

  • Receive orders electronically, reducing unnecessary call volumes and keying in errors
  • Enhance customer service relationships
  • Instantly alert customers to special promotions, increasing customer retention and satisfaction
  • Provide instant access to stock availability, product technical information, delivery dates, catalogues and customer specific pricing
  • Equip your sales team with the sales manager app, avoiding unnecessary web ordering or sales manager software
  • In app messaging, a live chat feature similar to ‘WhatsApp’ which allows you to communicate with your customers on a one-to-one basis

The SwiftCloud package

  • Your own branded B2B mobile app
  • Website ordering platform linked to your own website
  • Sales team manager app to capture field sales


SwiftCloud also offer additional modules to make you even more e-commerce-capable for your customers and sales teams. Customers can order from the web via a SwiftCloud Web Module button added to your existing website and sales managers can place orders on the move via the Sales Manager App which shows customer-specific pricing, discounts and special offers.


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