Sage X3 Version 12 Upgrade

Why upgrade your current version of Sage X3 to the latest version?

Benefit from all the latest technology enhancements and version support security by upgrading to Sage X3 Version 12.

By upgrading your current version of Sage X3 to the latest solution you will gain all the new, modern features as well as peace of mind that you are on a current, supported version of the software.

Version 12 provides a direct submission to HMRC for MTD (Making Tax Digital) as well as features to support GDPR compliance.


The key benefits of Version 12 include:

  • MTD ready
  • GDPR processes and safeguards
  • Functional enhancements in the areas of Distribution, Manufacturing and Finance
  • Access to your solution on any browser, from any device
  • Access to the online Sage help centre
  • Integrate directly with Microsoft Office
  • Screens in the solution specifically designed for users job roles

Does your company need to upgrade?

If you are currently running version 6 or older, version 7, version 8 or Sage X3 Product Update 9 then you should have a conversation with your support partner about upgrading. Version 12 not only equips you with all the latest features and functionality, but ensures that you are on a version of the software that is actively supported by Sage.

Version 10 and version 11 are fairly up to date versions of the solution. However, it is still worthwhile thinking about upgrading as regular, smaller steps to upgrade your software are far more manageable than big leaps between versions.

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Mysoft’s Process of Upgrading

At Mysoft we have helped many of our current customers upgrade from legacy versions of Sage X3 to current versions of the software (read the ACO case study here). We have a tried and tested process that ensures a seamless move from your current solution, to the modern version. We take a consultative approach to ensure minimal business disruption and fully train key users so that the benefits of the modern solution can be obtained from day one of Go Live.

We build long-lasting business relationships with our customers, which means that when the time comes to upgrade their software we already know their businesses inside out. We’re able to easily translate their processes and unique ways of working to the updated solution. Through additional business analysis we’re also able to make suggestions for efficiency improvements and areas in which the business will be able to gain further ROI by using the modern version of the solution.

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