Document Management Centre

Document Management Centre

Paperless Financial Management

Email and fax invoices, purchase orders & statements without changing your existing accounting software.

Mysoft's Document Management Centre software (DMC) provides a simple and cost-effective solution to the challenge of working with text-based print files including invoices, purchase orders and statements, typically produced by ERP systems.

Mysoft's unique 'Text Index Engine' allows any text-based print files to be indexed and the document content mapped. Using this technology DMC is able to create a database of information from the contents of text files. It is then possible to view, search, export, email, fax and print documents, making use of third-party products like PDF forms, MS Word & Excel in ways previously not possible. Graphical layers can be added to the document output so that so that form design can be brought in-house and whether laser-printed or electronically transmitted, documents will always look professional.

Key Product Benefits

  • Easy conversion of text files into third-party formats like PDF, MS Word & Excel
  • Easy navigation of documents using latest software technologies
  • File references of your choice, e.g. document number
  • Powerful & flexible view, organise and search facilities
  • Email, print, fax or export document facilities
  • Significant reduction on reliance of pre-printed forms
  • Forms overlay design capability
  • Integrated address book allowing multiple recipients by department
  • ‚ÄčAutomated mass electronic mailing and printing with scheduling
  • Desktop application which is easy to deploy and fully scaleable
  • Rapid return-on-investment via significant cost savings over printing and postage
  • Integrated work-flow capability
  • Audit trail generation
  • Archiving of documents and reports such as daybooks
  • Ability to generate barcodes in documents from any text content
  • Automated PDF export to feed documents into 3rd party applications such as CRM

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