Sage X3 in the Cloud

Sage X3 in the Cloud

Sage X3 Cloud

Implement Sage X3, Your Way.

Sage X3 is a cloud native solution, allowing you total flexibility over how you would like to manage the deployment of your solution. The core Sage X3 product remains the same with all the user intuitive and mobility features you would expect from any cloud solution; making it simple and easy to manage your business, on the go. Your three options are as follows:

Sage X3 in the Cloud


Sage X3 Cloud – SaaS

Sage X3 Cloud management and deployment all managed by Sage, using AWS as a secure online cloud service for total security and system back-up’s. The majority of the core functionality is available in this "true cloud" offering. Some add-on legislations, complex manufacturing features and third party complementary solutions are not currently available through the SaaS offering. Taking this route also provides you with a standard set of business processes that will enable your company to work more efficiently. The solution is ready to go and will involve a much quicker set up, updates will all be handled by Sage with less reliance on internal IT skills and with a subscription pricing structure there is no initial, large upfront investment.

Best suited to:

Companies with standard business processes who prefer not to make an initial lump sum payment and/or have limited in-house IT knowledge or resources. Companies which do not require system customisation or development. 


Sage X3 Cloud – Business Partner

The Sage X3 Business Partner Cloud option is a hybrid ‘best of both worlds’ route. The functionality and customisation limitations that are found in the SaaS option, don't exist in the Business Partner Cloud. So you and your Business Partner can still customise the system to your unique processes and take advantage of the full Sage X3 functionality. Instead of using the Sage Cloud Service to manage the software online the software will be managed by your Business Partner, either through a traditional "private cloud" or using an AWS option. Reliance on in house technical skills and hardware is reduced as the solution isn’t hosted on premise and you can take advantage of a subscription plan.

Best suited to:

Companies with more complex processes that require a customised solution but still want to take advantage of a subscription SaaS plan.


Sage X3 – On Premise

Hosted on your site, using the hardware and infrastructure that you already have, or may need to purchase separately in order to host a new Sage X3 system. This is the route of traditional software deployments and requires a level of in-house IT skills in order to maintain and update the Sage X3 infrastructure. Taking this route you would purchase the software upfront and own the licenses from the off, no recurring monthly payments involved. It also allows you and your Sage X3 Business Partner total flexibility to tailor the solution to your unique business processes. However, this route requires a large upfront investment, will incur further costs when software updates are needed and involves having a level of IT resource at your company, sometimes not a feasible option for smaller companies looking at Sage X3.

Best suited to:

Enterprises with available capital to invest and an in-house IT team, companies with poor internet connectivity and/or with a desire to keep data on-site.


If you’re unsure about which option will best suite your company the best thing to do is talk to a Sage X3 Business Partner about your options. The three separate options allows your company to have total flexibility over the deployment of your Sage X3 solution, depending on your in house technical skills, the level of customisation you require and strategic plans for enterprise software within your organisation. The core functionality of Sage X3 remains the same; providing you with a simpler, quicker and mobile accessible way to manage your business.


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