Mysoft's solution to accountancy only requirements

Mysoft's solution to accountancy only requirements

Sage X3 Finance

Full scale implementation projects can be time consuming and expensive. Sage X3 Finance is the quicker and lower cost alternative. 

Business management projects can be a significant commitement, not just in terms of an organisation's up-front investment but also the significant upheaval caused to the business.

"Sage X3 Finance provides a solution for companies looking for a business management system without the time and cost of a fully customised solution"

Brendan Kirby, Chairman, Mysoft

Whilst some organisations need to take the customisable system implementation route, many require a simpler way to take advantage of business management software. This may be due to the size or complexity of an organisation or due to budgetary and time constraints.

In order to bridge this gap in the market, Mysoft offer shorter and lower-cost implementations of Sage X3 that provide a standardised single entity accounting functionality. Sage X3 Finance is a pre-templated version of Sage X3’s ERP accounting functionality; providing users with the sophisticated features that X3 has to offer around finance, without the project complexity of bespoke modifications and customised functionality.

Mysoft’s pre-templated finance solution offers features such as:

  1. Access to sophisticated multi-currency operations
  2. Detailed transactional analysis through the use of dimensions
  3. Project accounting
  4. Bank file importing and account reconciliation
  5. Payment runs and payment file creation
  6. MTD compliant VAT configuration.


Implementation Process

Both the elapsed implementation time and project cost are a fraction of the full, customised version of Sage X3. Mysoft's Sage X3 Finance solution is capable of time efficient implementation and Mysoft can achieve this within as little as 3 months if required.

The key benefits of this solution:

  • The minimal time needed to implement it works well for businesses that have ambitious project timelines.
  • A reduced cost of Sage X3 means that businesses with limited resources are still able to benefit from the solution’s features.
  • Improved business processes are achieved through the use of standardised business processes that are built into the system, implemented by experienced business consultants.

With a short series of scoping workshops and training days, Mysoft consultants can configure the core solution to meet an agreed specification. A functional system can be up and running in no time, complete with ongoing support from Mysoft.


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