Under the Hood

Software development expertise delivered by Mysoft including specialisation in Sage Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3).

Many businesses have unique business requirements which cannot be met by the functionality available within standard ERP solutions – no matter how sophisticated. These specific requirements can often be the key differentiator - enabling businesses to deliver what their customers demand, giving them the competitive edge necessary to remain successful.

The Mysoft development team allows our customers to enhance our enterprise software offerings via customisation, at a commercially viable cost, to fine tune the solution. Effectively meaning that the software can be tailored to fit the business.

Mysoft have delivered many customised solutions to allow the following:

  • The preservation of unusual/unique business processes 
  • Interfaces to 3rd party applications
  • Develop entirely new bespoke functionality/modules
  • Fine tune a solution to give businesses the ‘edge’ required

Mysoft also offer data migration, advanced customisation and a range of in-house developed components to further benefit our customers.

It is important to note that none of the development work or advanced customisation carried out will preclude updates to core software. This means that our customers can not only take advantage of tailoring their ERP software around their business but can always retain the latest version of the core product.

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