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Austen Instant Tapes

Austen Instant Tapes share their experience of Mysoft’s Document Management Centre

The company is committed to providing the highest quality products and services backed by technical expertise and a familiarity with industrial processes which is second to none.

As part of the Market Now group, Austen Instant Tapes have a vast array of products ready for instant dispatch, using both dedicated delivery vehicles and national carrier groups to ensure a fast, secure, and reliable delivery to the customer.

The Challenge


The challenge faced by Austen Instant Tapes was an exercise in modernising the production of all their customer-facing printed documents. The process of generating vast quantities of purchase orders, invoices, delivery notes and credit notes had become extremely time consuming and highly expensive.


It was also crucial that DMC proved to be a robust and reliable program that was flexible and easy to use. Austen Instant Tapes needed to work with a partner who would be able to address their business requirements with the very minimum of disruption to the day-to-day running of the company.


“Mysoftclearly understood the needs of the business and delivered a solution that was an excellent fit from day one.” Neil Howie


The Solution


Mysoft provided a solution which automates document production, facilitates electronic document delivery and is compatible with the existing back office system. Mysoft DMC, therefore, brings considerable cost savings and creates professional looking, flexible documentation.


The ability to easily locate and retrieve files and email those files and documents directly to the customer is, in addition, saving Austen Tapes considerable administration time.
Neil Howie is confident that DMC has the capability to support their business well into the future. The successful relationship with Mysoft also contributed to the smooth running of this project.
“It has been a pleasure working with Mysoft’s support team. They have been extremely courteous, fast and effective with their help.” Neil Howie

The Benefits


The DMC solution has allowed Austen Instant Tapes to drastically reduce their spending on stationery and postage.
Neil Howie originally estimated that the company would realise their investment in DMC within 15 months. However, the recent increases in postal charges have meant that the investment has been recouped in only 12 months.
The efficiency of creating and distributing documents has been significantly improved. The ability to email the customer documentation directly from DMC has completely streamlined a number of key business processes and, therefore improved capability and performance.
“I also get an enormous saving in time – jobs like sending out monthly statements are done in less than 30 minutes compared to half a day pre-DMC.” Neil Howie


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"Mysoft clearly understood the needs of the business and delivered a solution that was an excellent fit from day one. DMC has exceeded all of our expectations. I have nothing but admiration for Mysoft and the product. The technical support team is a credit to the company."

Neil Howie, Austen Instant Tapes Managing Director