Pickering Interfaces

Pickering Interfaces

Pickering Interfaces, who design and manufacture switching, simulation and cabling products, implement Sage X3

Due to phenomenal growth over the last few years Pickering Interfaces found their current system no longer capable of supporting their business needs. They needed a more modern and advanced solution and after much research Sage X3 was chosen. 

The global electronics manufacturer have sites in the UK and Czech Republic, as well as sales offices in the USA, France, Germany and Sweden. The company manufacture modular signal switching and instrumentation, which are used for electronic testing and simulation in industries such as aerospace, military and automotive. The products are highly technical, mostly made-to-order and often require very quick turnarounds. The technology used pushes the boundaries of what is possible in their industry so they required a business management solution that could reflect this technically advanced and cutting edge way of working.

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The Story so far

Since Pickering were currently using a Sage product it made sense to stay with the Sage brand. They looked at a variety of products and business partners including Sage 200, 300 and Sage X3.

Due to the global nature of their company Pickering needed a solution that could handle multi-legislations, multi-countries and multi-languages. They wanted to move to a modern solution that was being continuously developed and one that could be built upon for years to come. After much research and deliberation it was decided that Sage’s flagship product, Sage X3, was the most suitable option.

Why Mysoft?

Kerry Mitchell, IT Manager at Pickering, explains why they decided to implement Sage X3 through Mysoft, “We liked that Mysoft only focussed on Sage X3 and had so much knowledge and experience of the product. Many of the staff have worked with Sage X3 for more than 10 years, even before it was owned by Sage.”

It was Mysoft’s personal approach that set them apart for Kerry, “I liked Mysoft’s approach. They came across as knowledgeable software professionals who were taking the time to find the right solution for our business. It was the little things that showed they were a personable company, like actually having pictures of their team on the website rather than standard stock photos. I also liked that when we visited their offices the support team sat with the developers in an open plan space. I liked that the teams were close together and sharing knowledge in that way. You could tell that all the staff had a real genuine passion for the product.”

For Pickering the most important factor in choosing a Business Partner to work with was the level of support they could provide. Kerry continues, “I know with Mysoft that I will be able to pick up the phone and talk to a human being straight away. No outsourced support services or lengthy online forms, just an experienced and dedicated team ready to take my call.”

Why Sage X3?

As well as the need for a truly multi-national solution Pickering were also impressed by Sage X3’s mobility features and user friendly interface. They currently have many salesmen out on the road, none of whom can access their current system. As Sage X3 functions through a HTML 5 web based client they will now all be able to access the system using their mobile devices. Sage X3 will also provide much greater visibility for the company. By using a multi-national solution Pickering will have full visibility of their global operation and be able to make more informed decisions moving forward.

On choosing Sage X3 Kerry adds, “we see Sage X3 as the long term solution for our business. If we are going to be investing in software then it makes sense for us to invest in a modern solution that is being continuously developed, rather than one that is reaching end of life. We wanted a solution that has the potential to expand and that is what we saw in Sage X3. It has the ability to accommodate multiple countries and potentially, in the future, advanced business intelligence tools and CRM as well.”

Pickering will commence their UK implementation of Sage X3 with Mysoft in June. Initially Sage X3 will be rolled out in their UK offices and then in the Czech Republic. Mysoft are very excited to welcome Pickering on board as a new Sage X3 customer and look forward to working together to provide a modern, scalable and multi-national business management solution.

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"I know with Mysoft that I will be able to pick up the phone and talk to a human being straight away. No outsourced support services or lengthy online forms, just an experienced and dedicated team ready to take my call"

Kerry Mitchell, IT Manager, Pickering Interfaces