Story So Far

Story So Far

How It All Began...

Mysoft & Sage X3 - The story so far...

In 2001 Brendan Kirby and Chris Schafer were tasked with identifying a new flagship ERP solution to promote in the UK for a previous employer.

After extensive research, and having looked at all of the leading ERP software offerings of the day, they stumbled across a company called Adonix.  Adonix were a little known (in the UK) French software author based in Paris, who had developed a solution called X3.

Adonix had a small UK operation at the time with a very limited number of X3 sites. Many of these sites were existing Adonix customers that had upgraded from Adonix’s previous software to X3. However, we felt X3 was a product of interest. It was already used by more than 1500 companies worldwide, was multi-legislation/language/company and currency, came with its own development environment and looked to be functionally very comprehensive.

Brendan and Chris, as part of a small delegation, headed to Paris to review X3 and their findings were encouraging. The product was very strong in the key areas required for wholesale/distribution and manufacturing organisations. It also included a service/CRM module and could be tailored around customer’s specific requirements. Only some minor additional Anglicisation would be required.

After due deliberation it was finally decided that X3 would be selected as the product with which to move forward. Training commenced and a concerted effort was made to start pro-actively selling X3 in the UK for the very first time. Chris, as then Sales Director, spear-headed this campaign and before long new X3 contracts were being signed. Between 2001 and 2004 some 15 new X3 systems were sold.

In 2005, Brendan and Chris formed Mysoft, with the intention of creating an ERP software house of their own.


Given that writing an ERP solution from scratch was not a practical option they needed to partner with an author. They decided to take time to consider the marketplace, the products available and their long-term plans for Mysoft, before making any firm decisions. Fortunately, Mysoft was a busy business from day-1, providing a host of IT services. This allowed Brendan and Chris time to consider which ERP solution would be best for them to sell, implement and support.

Mysoft began to expand, employing a number of key staff to head-up Software Development, Support, Consultancy and Project Management services. In the meantime, unbeknown to Mysoft, Sage acquired Adonix and therefore X3 which would be re-branded as Sage ERP X3.

Mysoft’s ERP software review continued, many products were duly considered and most discounted. Extensive research was carried out with a number of leading vendors but none provided Mysoft with the correct fit for their customers' requirements. Then, without warning, the news that Sage had acquired Adonix was announced and an indication that they may be looking for new partners in the UK to promote Sage ERP X3.

Contact was made and meetings arranged. Once again Brendan and Chris hopped onto the Eurostar and this time headed for Sage’s offices in Paris to discuss Sage ERP X3.

It quickly became apparent that Sage ERP X3 was the right ERP solution for Mysoft.

Significantly, as a result of the initial foray in the UK with the product in 2002, Mysoft staff had already been recruited who had extensive experience with Sage ERP X3. Sage’s acquisition gave great confidence for the future and the product won the Mysoft functionality appraisal on merit within its peer group.

Mysoft was, therefore, able to ‘hit the ground running’ with Sage ERP X3, having had the product experience to sell, implement, develop and support it from the outset. This quickly enabled Mysoft to establish itself as a fully-fledged Sage ERP X3 partner. Early contract wins included a large jointly run international project with Sage France and a complex manufacturing project in the UK. A significant amount of on-going Sage ERP X3 professional services were also being delivered from the outset to a variety of UK-based customers.

Mysoft’s Sage X3 team has subsequently gone from strength-to-strength. Having a nucleus of highly experienced X3 personnel provided exactly the right foundation on which to build the team.

Naturally, Mysoft’s relationship with Sage has also expanded, becoming not only one of the leading UK Sage X3 partners but also providing training and development resources back to Sage.

If you would like to hear more about the Mysoft and Sage X3 story, or are interested in replacing your existing ERP software with a state-of-the art 21st century solution, call Mysoft today.

31/07/2015 Update: Sage ERP X3 is now called Sage X3.

18/04//2018 Update: Sage X3 is now called Sage Enterprise Management. ‚Äč

01/10/2019 Update: Sage Enterprise Management is now called Sage X3


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"We have a very good relationship with Mysoft, they are absolutely fantastic with the product and always conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism. We are always willing to do reference visits for Mysoft as we have had such a good experience of working with them"

Priyangshu Kar, Business Analyst, ACO Technologies PLC