Why upgrade from Sage 200 to Sage X3?

Why upgrade from Sage 200 to Sage X3?

The logical next step for any Sage 200 users

This post is from 2015, click here for an updated version 

Changing your company’s ERP solution can be one of the most daunting and costly decisions a mid- market enterprise can make. However, if your business is already using Sage 200 then considering X3 is the logical and progressive next step in order to meet the growing demands of your company. But how do you know if your business is ready to upgrade to Sage X3? What advantages does Sage X3 offer over and above Sage 200?

To put it simply you should start considering an upgrade if your company is:

  • Using a range of different software across sales, purchasing and stock management
  • Operating in different countries, languages and legislations
  • Needing to mine into data and produce comprehensive reports efficiently and reliably across all departments
  • Finding that its complexities are out-growing its software capabilities and needs software that can be tailored around its specific business processes

Sage X3 integrates all your business processes and manages all your data in one place. Financial reports can then be produced, areas of inefficiency can be highlighted and opportunities to improve profit revealed. So if your business has ambitions of growing into the global market, is beginning to explore multiple avenues of selling and purchasing, and has complex systems of pricing and discounting, you should be entering into a conversation about Sage X3.

Mysoft’s experience and expertise ensures the implementation and continued support is of the highest quality, coming from Sage’s longest running UK partner with the most experience and knowledge of X3 software. Get in touch today. 


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