5 Legitimate Excuses For Being On Your Phone

5 Legitimate Excuses For Being On Your Phone

Never be caught red faced again with our 5 productive reasons for being on your phone at work

We’ve all been there. You’re sneakily checking Twitter on your phone when your Manager suddenly bursts into the room and catches you red handed.


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Obviously, reading Buzz feeds article on ‘everyday objects that are out to get you isn't a legitimate use of work time.

But there are increasingly more ways your smartphone can actually increase your productivity at work. And, if all else fails, at least keep the following in mind as good excuses for your smartphone misuse disciplinary…

1) Email

The obvious and probably most widely used app on your phone. Not only can you keep up to date with your inbox but you can actually now ‘close the deal’ on the move. Due to e-signatures you no longer have to wait for your client or supplier to be in the same room as you. You can authorise your signature as easily as an email, and crack on with more productive tasks.

2) Social Media

You may also be surprised that social media does actually make it into our top 5. Business is more social now and using your smartphone to quickly share a company update or build your ‘following’ on LinkedIn certainly isn’t an activity to be scoffed at. Your whole team can all be mini social media brand advocates. Posting that picture of you all in funny hats at the Christmas do shouldn’t be something to shy away from. You’re putting a friendly face to an otherwise faceless corporation and making your company more accessible. Just ensure it was the picture taken before the Sambuca shots started doing the rounds…

3) Updating Business Management Solutions

If your company has a mobile enabled ERP or CRM database solution (and if not then here’s why you really should) you can access this information straight from your phone. If you’re out on the road you can still give reliable and up to date responses to customers and suppliers. Sales people are more informed and you save office based workers time by not having to look things up for other people over the phone.

4) Checking For Mobile Optimisation 

Make sure you are tapping into the full digital market by ensuring sure your company’s website and e-commerce are optimised for mobile users. Double check different website browsers, safari, google chrome, android devices, apple devices, tablets and laptops. And then double check again. With more than 40% of ecommerce sales now coming from mobile devices it is essential that your website and ordering system is smooth and user friendly for mobile customers. Just don’t get distracted by that new coffee machine on Amazon.

5) Communication 

And to get all old fashioned smartphones are essentially a great source of communication. You can actually make phone calls on them… *Cue stunned silence*… Shocking I know. You can easily contact your colleagues and put issues to bed at the swipe of a finger. Your phone book, addresses from your ERP solution and emails are all in the same place. You can talk to who you need to and go where you need to go all by looking it up on your phone.

Of course, these five excuses aren’t going to hold much weight if you haven’t got through a pile of work as you’ve been playing angry birds all morning...

But using social media, testing e-commerce sites and easily accessing information are advantages that the whole workforce can benefit from. Encouraging the use of smartphones and tablets as part of a companywide culture really will save people time, improve communication and increase productivity.

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"Posting that picture of you all in the funny hats at the Christmas do shouldn't be something to shy away from"

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