Realising it’s time to upgrade, a tasty example

Realising it’s time to upgrade, a tasty example

So you’ve been using Sage 200 and are happy with its processes but are beginning to find that your business is outgrowing its capabilities. Sage X3 is the obvious next step but what can it really do for you that Sage 200 does not? And is it really worth the investment?


Say, for example, you are a home baking company. Your employees have a range of skills across various departments: warehouse, marketing, sales. You buy cupcakes and sell them onto your distributer, making profit from adding decorative icing. This type of relatively simple set up works well on Sage 200.

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You then discover an amazing new chocolate brownie recipe. You decide you want to make this on site and sell it along with the cupcakes that you buy from a separate contractor. You’ve also discovered that your flapjacks are hugely popular in Germany so you make plans for the development of a new site abroad. Further to this you have also won a large volume deal with a distributor by offering them a special discount unique to them. Sage 200 will struggle with these business complexities but that is where Sage X3 really begins to shine. 


This information can all be integrated into one system: the details of your contractor, the price of each individual ingredient needed for you to manufacture brownies and how many flapjacks your warehouse is going to need to ship over to Germany. You have complete visibility of all information, an unlimited number of companies and sites that can be added to your system and multi-currency capabilities with full transaction breakdown. You can track ingredients from purchasing, through manufacture and onto sales and distribution. You can view sales data from your site in Germany and analyse it against your UK operation. You eliminate inefficiencies, improve workflow and manage stock more effectively; all culminating in an improved profit. Your business now has the ability to grow with your increasing demand and adapt to the new complexities that arise.


So, if your business has ambitions of growing into the global market, is beginning to explore multiple avenues of selling and purchasing, and has complex systems of pricing and discounting, you should be entering into a conversation about Sage X3.

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