Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete Manufacturing

Reduce costs and time to market through inventory management.

When it comes to choosing your Discrete Manufacturing software you need an ERP system that can cater to the specific challenges and hurdles faced in your industry. In an economy of ever evolving trends your business software needs to be able to keep up with the demanding requests from your consumer base. Through Sage X3 from Mysoft you enable your company to deliver products to market faster, reduce costs and ensure you are always in sync with your customers’ demands. 

Reducing costs and time to market

Improved inventory management is key to improving efficiency and reducing costs. Sage X3 connects all teams and departments so you know exactly how much you are spending and where. Through product cost accounting Sage X3 analyses a product's costs against overheads, labour, material and manufacturing so you have a truly accurate view of your bottom line. By automating key manufacturing processes you save time in the production process and through X3’s project management features you ensure that you are always delivering your products to market on time, at the right margin.

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Responding to an ever changing market

As a discrete manufacturer you need to be able to respond to industry trends and be prepared for an ever changing market place. Sage X3 has a multi-level system that allows you to add more bill of materials as and when they are needed, an ideal solution for a product that might need to change mid-way through manufacture. With subcontracting management you can even outsource part of production to another site or company, allowing you complete flexibility over your product's production lifecycle. Sage X3 can also work in a variety of modes whether it is make to stock, make to order, assemble to order or a mixture of all the above, the system can handle even the most complex routes of manufacturing.

Demanding customers

Through companywide workflows and data you ensure that everyone is working from a single system and accessing the same information. This avoids costly misunderstandings as your team is always updating customers and suppliers from the same database. Working in a world of ‘custom built’ and ‘made to order’ brings with it a customer base who expect and demand perfection. Sage X3 has a number of quality control systems that will put yours and your customers' minds at rest. Quality control processes are integrated across your entire organisation with inspections automatically enforced at user defined stages of manufacture. If the system detects non-conformation to required characteristics, operational specifications or expected results you are alerted immediately and know about any slight faults or mistakes long before your customer has ever set eyes on the finished product. 

Sage X3

Sage X3 is a flexible solution that can handle the unpredictable world of discrete manufacturing. Whether you suddenly need to change the lens in a camera or replace a SIM card X3 is sophisticated enough to respond to these complexities, all the while ensuring that the manufacturing process is still within the quality control parameters. With the help of Sage X3 you can keep up with an ever evolving market place, deliver your accurately priced products to market faster and know that you are meeting the exacting demands of your customers. 

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Key benefits to the Discrete Manufacturing industry:

  • Various modes of manufacture, including make to stock, make to order, assemble to order and mixed mode
  • BOM management, ensuring the right information is available at all times
  • Configurator, this tool can build new technical data depending on a script and can also price a configuration within a quote, in a sales order
  • Product cost accounting, analyses product costs related to overhead, labour, material, and manufacturing costs
  • Project management, organises from quote to production following a budgetary structure and scheduling
  • Integrated traceability, proactively identifies and addresses potential quality issues 
  • Subcontracting management, allows the outsourcing of all or part of production
  • Multiple unit or site management, whether national or international, all can be managed within one data structure
  • Electronic Document Management (EDM), to manage documents within Sage X3
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration locally and globally