Process Manufacturing

Process Manufacturing

How Sage X3 makes a difference to your bottom line

We spoke with our Consultancy Manager, Tom Mann, about some specific features of X3 that can really benefit process manufacturing companies.

Bill of Materials

The bill of materials, or BOM, is the list of raw materials needed to produce the finished product. Within Sage X3 these materials can be added as percentages rather than various different units. This means that whatever final quantity of finished product is needed, 3, 27 or 1,345, the Bill of Materials will always be able to tell you exactly how much of each material you need by using the percentages. This is a great feature for growing businesses as it is scalable. No matter how much you increase the volume of products, the system will still be able to tell you the quantity of raw materials needed. Click on image to zoom in.


There are a number of accuracy features in Sage X3 that make a real difference to an end product. Quantities on the bill of materials can be added with up to 14 decimal places, providing intricately precise manufacturing. Sage X3 also has a percentage scrap feature, so if you know a machine will always waste 2% of a material during the process of manufacturing you can build this into the BOM. Your warehouse then knows it needs to add an extra 2% of the material to ensure the end product isn’t compromised, which is automatically reflected in your costs. Through this minute detail X3 gives you complete visibility of costs and stock levels. 

Do you stock a product in volume but need to manage the quantity on the BOM in mass? No problem! X3 allows a density value to be held against each product which means no manual calculations when entering the BOM. This ensures that the quantities on the BOM are always accurate and there is no room for human error. 


This accuracy is reflected in the costing features. Even things like the costs of the deprivation of a machine and electricity can be factored in to give you a truly accurate view of your costs. In an industry when profit margins are small and volumes high it is important to have an accurate view of where your money is being spent. You might discover that a product you thought was marginally profitable is actually losing you money. This is where Sage X3 makes a real difference to your bottom line. You can focus your efforts elsewhere on products that are clearly profitable and ensure that time and effort isn’t wasted where money isn’t being made.    

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"It is through the details that Sage X3 can make a real difference to your bottom line"

Tom Mann, Consultancy Manager