Manage your projects and contracts all within Sage X3

Manage your projects and contracts all within Sage X3

Professional Services Industry

Your challenges

As a professional services company your time is your product. Making sure you are utilising your professional services team time in the most effective way is key to your operations success. With the right professional services software you will no longer have to worry about:

  • Time consuming and confusing resource allocation
  • Inflexible billing structures
  • Working out the true cost and margins of your services and contracts
  • Time-intensive project planning and difficult project tracking

Sage X3 for Professional Services

Our Solution

With Sage X3 Project and Job Costing you will save a huge amount of administrative time, increase your whole company’s efficiency and always have a transparent view of both time frames and costs. With Sage X3 Project and Job Costing you gain a solution that has been specifically tailored to the needs of the professional services industry. You will be able to: 

  • Improve your project management efficiency with project planning templates, key performance indicators and streamlined billing processes.
  • Take a snapshot at any given time in a projects lifecycle to see if it is running on time and to budget. This can also be applied to all projects to give you a global view of how all company projects are progressing and your company’s finances as a whole.
  • Have your professional services team log their time directly into the system via a remotely accessible time logging web portal. A consultant completes a day of training, they log on to the system on their phone and log that day’s training against that customer. The customer’s monthly invoice is then updated accordingly, eradicating the need for manual time sheet data entry.
  • Have an integrated project management and financial management system, removing duplication of administrative workload and providing your customers with clear details of actual times and expenditures throughout their projects. 

Why Mysoft?

Mysoft are the only UK Sage X3 business partner with the skills and expertise to implement the Sage X3 Project and Job Costing solution for the professional services industry. As a professional services company we faced the challenges mentioned above and so decided to implement the PJC solution ourselves. Our implementation can be followed on our blog. We are a Sage X3 gold business partner, have over 10 years’ experience with the software and have the UK’s highest qualified Sage X3 professional services team.

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Key benefits for the professional services industry:

Project Management:

  • Profitability analysis to evaluate completed projects
  • Structured project organisation based on sub-projects and steps
  • Assignment of costs, prices, services and external suppliers to individual project steps
  • Confirmation of actual times and costs in a web interface
  • Clear overview of individual projects or services
  • Automatic monitoring of deadlines
  • Information on anticipated sales, costs and margins for each service
  • Transparent view of the project as a whole, or at a sub-project level, with regard to sales, profits and budgets as well as processing status

Services and Maintenance

  • Contracts broken down into sub-contracts with different calculation cycles and conditions
  • Calculation of recurring services and contracts
  • Control over different maintenance intervals
  • Automatic coordination of maintenance service calls
  • Clear administration of all rental devices
  • Automatic calculation of costs and invoicing
  • Shorter processing periods and reduced cycle times


  • Automatic calculation of costs and invoicing
  • User friendly resource management (with outlook calendar integration)
  • Finance and project management working from the same system