Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Meet those tough regulatory demands with Sage X3.

The Pharmaceutical industry is one governed by strict safety and regulatory bodies that demand minute attention to detail for compliance. It can be difficult to ensure that your company has the 360 degree transparency that is essential when working with chemicals and medication. Can you guarantee the accuracy of your data? Do you have full visibility of your production schedule? With Sage X3 you have a guaranteed ‘yes’. All these processes are handled within Sage X3 saving you time and money.  

Safety and Transparency

Sage X3 supports detailed formula management for strict control and proper recipe use, all in real time. This enables the forward and reverse traceability features of any product, all with automated recall capabilities. With this data stored in a centralised system you have immediate visibility of inventory and complete transparency between all business units. Through X3 you can conduct inspections at any stage throughout packaging and production. All these features ensure you are not only meeting the tough pharmaceutical regulatory requirements but exceeding them with your levels of visibility and traceability. Click on the image to zoom in:


Planning Production

Through detailed work force and material planning capabilities you can increase the accuracy and efficiency of your company’s production cycle. The system can work with user defined formats, such as shifts or hours, to produce an accurate view of how long production will take. This will all be in line with your stock levels. The system will alert you when stock is running low, can factor in the amount of time taken to receive new raw materials and has the ability to alter the schedule during production to respond to changes as they occur. You are more responsive to your customers, can provide accurate completion dates and eliminate inefficiencies as they arise.

Sage X3 and the Pharmaceutical Industry

All of these features enable the streamlining of your business and save you time. You are assured of your company’s compliance to pharmaceutical regulations and have full, detailed visibility of every aspect of your product.

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"It is through the level of detail that you can drill into that Sage X3 really begins to shine"

Tom Mann, Consultancy Manager, Mysoft Ltd