A solution with the flexibility that you need in the wholesale and distribution industry

A solution with the flexibility that you need in the wholesale and distribution industry

Sage X3 Distribution

Your Challenges

In the Wholesale and Distribution Industry fast customer responses and reliable supply chain management are key to success. The right distribution software will help your business manage these challenges in a more efficient way. These challenges include:

  • Multiple sites running on different systems causing data errors, order confusion and making reporting on business performance very difficult.
  • Sales teams in the field unable to provide customers with accurate updates or process orders remotely, causing delays and misinformation to be passed onto your customer.
  • Stock and inventory quality control processes being time consuming and difficult to trust.
  • Responses to anomalies, whether this be a product recall or a unique discount for a customer, being dealt with slowly and hard to process.
  • No visibility of stock throughout the whole supply chain making it difficult to meet regulatory and quality control standards.

Sage X3 for the Wholesale and Distribution Industry

Our Solution

With Sage X3 Distribution you will gain complete control over your whole, global, operation as well as a flexible system that can respond to the growth and change of your business. Sage X3 enables your company to: 

  • Have total control of inventory throughout the whole supply chain. From warehouse to shipment management, orders are all dealt with through a common frame of reference making your whole operation more efficient, secure and reliable.
  • Access the whole system remotely via any mobile device through any web browser. The sales team can check real time stock levels and process orders all from their phones, no middle men required.
  • Report on companywide performance as all data and information is stored in the same system. Sage’s business intelligence features highlight opportunities for growth and areas where efficiency can be improved.
  • Provide excellent levels of customer service through Sage X3 customer support and CRM transactions. Update customers with real time information and know, without doubt, that your data is accurate.
  • Gain the flexibility to deal with complex pricing structures, multiple sites, outsourcing, subcontracts and ever-evolving business processes.


Why Mysoft?

Mysoft are a Gold Sage X3 business partner and are experts in providing a tailored industry led solution. Sage X3 is the only business management solution we implement and our team have unrivalled depth and breadth of X3 knowledge, with around 300 years combined experience of the solution. We have the UK’s highest qualified Sage X3 professional services team who work from a successfully proven and unique implementation methodology to ensure project success. 

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How much does Sage X3 cost? Click here for your free quote