Jamie joined Mysoft in 2017 as a Sales Executive and has since been promoted to Sales and Marketing Director in 2021.

Jamie is responsible for overseeing the marketing, account management, sales and pre-sales functions, including still being active in new business sales. He is dedicated to ensuring long lasting and valuable relationships with all of Mysoft’s customers.

Jamie has a breadth of knowledge relating to his role at Mysoft, including over 10 years of experience selling and delivering finance, business intelligence and ERP solutions. Since starting at Mysoft, Jamie has implemented a formal sales methodology and strategy which has been instrumental in ensuring a long-term revenue plan for the company.

Something you may not know about Jamie… is that he was born in the seaside town of Blackpool but lived in both Ecuador and Australia for a large part of his childhood. Jamie is also a lover of the outdoors and his favourite activity is rock climbing because of its physical challenge, high-risk nature and the meditative, stress relief it brings.