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Sage EM Mobile

Why Sage EM?

One solution to manage your entire business:

  • Consolidate finance, supply chain and sales systems into one solution
  • Streamline your business processes to work more efficiently 
  • Gain deeper insight into your data and more flexible reporting
  • Manage every entity of your business in one solution, on a global scale 
  • Accelerate your business growth with a solution that can grow with you 
  • Customisable to the users' role and your unique processes 
Sage EM Upgrade


Already using Sage 200, Sage line 500 or Sage 1000? Sage EM is the logical next step. Reasons to upgrade include:

  • Outgrowing your current solution
  • Using a range of desperate software across different departments
  • Expanding into new territories
  • Requiring more intelligent reporting
  • Reached the limits of an out of the box solution
  • Need more tailored business processes
Sage EM Finance


Manage all your finances and operations in one solution:

  • Automate time consuming back office processes
  • Accelerate Business Process management
  • Robust analytics and web apps
  • Powerful workflow automation
  • Advanced analytics for more intelligent decision making
  • Manage your finances on the go, from your phone, tablet or laptop
Sage EM Manufacturing


From raw materials to distribution manage your products whole lifecycle within Sage EM:

  • Multi-layer BOM management
  • Complete ingredient and product traceability
  • Multi-site and multi-unit management
  • EDM and EDI within Sage EM
  • Ability to drill into minute levels of detail
  • Accurately forecast business for optimum stock and production levels
Sage EM Distribution


Consistently deliver fast customer responses and reliable supply chain management:

  • Multi-company and multi-site management
  • A scalable solution that can grow with your company
  • Process orders remotely, all from your smartphone or tablet
  • Real time visibility of stock through the whole supply chain
  • Full traceability and quality control
  • Intelligent reporting on companywide performance
Sage EM Growth


Be equipped with a solution that encourages your company’s growth, not limits it:

  • Internationally enabled
  • Report on and view intelligent analytics on a global level
  • Multi-country legislations and multi-site management
  • Work in numerous currencies
  • Save time on administrative tasks
  • Invest time in more productive activities

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