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Mysoft help our customers grow and thrive, using Sage X3 and business expertise to drive business transformation. Our specialist knowledge of Sage X3 helps you We unlock your business’ potential.

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Over 20 years of history, here’s our story so far. Select a year to read more about our growth and expansion over the years.

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2005- Having worked together for a number of years and collaborating on a project to bring Adonix X3 to the UK, Chris and Brendan launch Mysoft, with a strong desire of creating an ERP software house of their own. Whilst providing a host of IT services and ERP consultancy to customers, they started to expand their team of experts and searched for a best-in-class ERP solution to sell.

In November 2005, Sage acquired Adonix X3.

The Mysoft team accelerate the development of our intellectual property, introducing the first iteration of our document management solution, Document Management Centre (DMC).

Mysoft hit the ground running with Sage X3, becoming the first authorised UK company to sell Sage X3. Having sold and delivered 15 new Sage X3 systems prior to launching Mysoft, Chris and Brendan felt well-equipped to pave the way for Sage X3 in the UK.

Early contract wins included a large jointly run international project with Sage France and a complex manufacturing project in the UK. During this period, Mysoft’s relationship with Sage expanded, becoming not only one of the leading UK Sage X3 partners but also providing training and development resources back to the Sage team.

Sage UK takes responsibility for Sage X3, having previously been managed out of Sage France, bringing Sage X3 to the front of the Sage customer growth strategy.

The Mysoft team moves into a new HQ in Fleet, Hampshire, as a result of continued growth. Mysoft required a larger office space to house an expanding team and provide customers and prospects with a central location to meet and collaborate

Following a number of implementation projects over the previous years, Mysoft recognised the need for a standardised delivery approach which enabled customers to get up and running as efficiently as possible. As a result, the Mysoft ‘Kickstart’ delivery approach is first conceptualised.

By drawing on knowledge from multiple successful industry-specific projects, Mysoft identified a number of core requirements and launched industry-ready solutions; more details of which can be accessed via our Industry Hub.

Mysoft win Sage Excellence Partner of the Year at the Sage Partner Kick-Off. This award was delivered by Sage in recognition of Mysoft’s sales success and experience in delivering Sage X3.

Mysoft launch a dedicated SaaS document management and AP automation solution for Sage X3, X3CloudDocs, with an aim to deliver immediate value to Finance departments globally through digital transformation and automation.

As part of Mysoft’s commitment to continuous improvement, we undertook our first Customer Satisfaction Survey. Using the feedback and insights from this, Mysoft commenced and undertook a number of business improvements to enhance our levels of customer service. We continue to run the survey annually and drive ongoing business change to reflect our customers’ evolving requirements.

Reflecting on five years of using the Kickstart methodology, Mysoft reviewed and revised the approach to ensure that it aligned with current and future customer needs.

X3CloudDocs is listed on Sage Marketplace in the UK and North America, gaining recognition from Sage and extending the availability of the solution beyond Mysoft’s traditional customer base.

Sage Marketplace has been described as one of the most innovative platforms for Sage users, giving customers the opportunity to browse through a uniquely curated catalogue of trusted and certified partners, allowing businesses to grow and perform at their best.

The Mysoft team grows to 50 fantastic employees, with continued growth across all departments and the formation of a dedicated R&D department for the ongoing development of new IP.

Mysoft expanded our operations into the North American Territory by opening an office in the United States of America. We onboarded our first North American headquartered client shortly after.

Mysoft Launched its Reforestation As A Service (RAAS) called the “Tree API” as a part of the TREE (Taking Responsibility for the Earth and the Environment) initiative. Through this platform, we managed to plant more than 5,000 trees in less than 6 months.

Mysoft continues to expand and deepen its levels of expertise, undertaking certifications that apply to our roles. Customers remain at the centre of everything we do.

Mysoft’s X3CloudDocs suite of products continues to extend in scope with a growing international customer base. In early 2024 X3CloudDocs, launched the highly anticipated Partner Portal.

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We only do one thing.
But we do it really well.

As your partner we focus on helping your company to achieve the highest level of efficiency and agility possible. Our extensive and diverse experience in understanding ERP allows your business to unlock its full potential.

Our team combine advanced Sage X3 knowledge with a wealth of real-world business, financial and IT experience. Having implemented Sage X3 in a wide variety of vertical markets we can make suggestions drawn from working examples on the most effective and productive ways to manage your business processes.

Additionally, we offer document management solutions, a host of in-house developed Plugins, and advanced solutions from our partners, all to compliment the core Sage X3 software.

Simplify business. Maximise performance. Drive efficiency. Powered by Mysoft.

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