Success Story


Global Pharmaceutical Company, Atnahs, have been using Sage X3 since 2015. They have seen their business grow to £130 million revenue and their products now reach 130 different markets across c.50 currencies.


Sage X3, implemented and supported by Mysoft, has been there along every step of the journey; supporting the company as it has grown, meeting the new demands of the now global enterprise and continuing to provide ROI at every stage of their growth.


Why Sage X3?

Aimee Dawes, Financial Controller at Atnahs, comments on how none of this would have been possible without Sage X3, “we rely a lot on system automation to function in a range of markets and currencies. We are able to trust that Sage X3 is calculating it all in the background correctly. We would not be able to manage this efficiently without Sage X3.”

Dave Rogers, Head of IT at Atnahs elaborates further, “the good thing about Sage X3 is its scalability. Our original system when we bought it in Aug 2015 had a broadly similar structure, yet now we’ve gone from £10 to £130 million revenue. The business has grown hugely but the system has been able to cope with that and allow us to grow.”


Why Mysoft?

As a global pharmaceutical company, stocking around 990 SKU’s, Atnahs’s requirements are complex and unique. It has been through Mysoft’s specialist knowledge of Sage X3 that Atnahs have been able to keep their unique way of working, which has been essential to their business growth. Aimee continues, “we have a lot of bespoke elements to our solution which we had to use Mysoft’s knowledge to build. The ability to tailor our solution in this way is essential to us as it is these bespoke ways of working that contribute to our business success.

Atnahs have been through two version upgrades since their original implementation, both managed successfully through Mysoft, and are now enjoying using the modernised and updated Sage X3 Version 11. “It’s now pretty much got everything we need. Version 11 is a lot more intuitive and everything is far simpler to access through the online portal.” Aimee Dawes, Financial Controller.


Business Benefits

In terms of stock, each of Atnahs’s products have different flows, all with different lead times, to be sold into different markets. Aimee admits, “all of this would be impossible to manage without Sage X3.” Sage X3 also suggests when would be a good time to place a PO, based on historical data. This means that Atnahs are always prepared to take advantage of a peak in the market as well as keeping up good relationships with suppliers. “Approximately 90% of suggested PO’s are actually posted, so the level of accuracy is really high. Sage X3 meets all of our complex needs in terms of stock, it is able to manage the c.990 SKU’s across c.130 markets as well as seamlessly linking with our MRP system.” Aimee Dawes, Financial Controller.


Atnahs and Mysoft

Atnahs are a company who work with similar principles to Mysoft, so the ability to build a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship has been key to the success of the partnership.

Aimee comments on her experience of the Mysoft support team, “They are very responsive and incredibly quick, they always answer within a few hours. They go above and beyond for us, especially with the bespoke elements of our system, we wouldn’t be able to do a lot without Mysoft. They really use their expertise and knowledge of Sage X3 to support us in the very best use of the solution.

Dave Rogers expands, “Mysoft have actually listened to us and significantly improved how things are structured around Support and Account Management. They listen to our feedback and then improve their service in response to that to build the relationship together.

We would, of course, recommend Mysoft to another company.