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What is Sage X3?

Sage X3 is a complete business management solution that transforms how you manage operations and processes, allowing you to respond faster to changing customer demands.

Sage X3 is faster, more intuitive and more tailored than conventional ERP. Sage X3 is available through multiple cloud deployment options giving you the flexibility to choose the service offering that works for your organisation.

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How Can Sage X3 Transform Your Business?

Sage X3 helps your business to thrive and stay competitive by providing users with the information they need to serve your customers better, taking back control, and eliminating inefficiencies across the organization. 

With its powerful range of core features, you can simply pre-configure Sage X3 to meet your industry-specific requirements, legal pre-settings, default languages, multiple currencies, and locations.  All of this reduces the set-up burden & drives down the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and delivers you with a quick time-to-market.

Sage X3 embraces the latest technology trends providing you with universal access to data on web and mobile devices, increases your productivity with visual process flows and automates business workflows. It provides visibility into your business with real-time business insight, dashboards and drill-down, plus many other functionalities that help businesses improve productivity.

A Sage X3 solution specifically designed for your industry

Bill of Material

The Bill of Materials, or BOM, is the list of raw materials needed to produce the finished product. Within Sage X3 these materials can be added as percentages as well as fixed units. This means that whatever final quantity of finished product is needed, 3, 27 or 1,345, the Bill of Materials will always be able to show exactly how much of each material is needed. This is a great scalable feature for growing businesses. No matter how much the volume of products is increased, the system will still be able to provide the quantity of raw materials needed.

Multi-Company, Site & Currency

Multiple sites running on different systems cause data errors and order confusion and make reporting on business performance difficult.

Sage X3 can help by providing:

  • A common frame of reference and management rules
  • Flexible reporting, cross-functional views, scalable operations
  • Monitor performance with role-based KPIs and dashboards

Even within a single company, you can work with multiple transaction currencies and also translate those into reporting currencies based on daily, monthly or average exchange rates. So if you’re in the UK and need to report monthly figures to New York or Paris, then Sage X3 can handle the currency conversions automatically for you.

Formula & Recipe Management

Predict and optimise the yields of multiple outputs of a production job by comparing planned inputs to planned outputs and plugging these values into a recipe or formula specification prior to initiating a production job.

Accuracy Features

 Sage X3 provides that intelligence in a customisable, easy-to-use interface allowing businesses to predict seasonal changes in supply and demand so you can stock up or sell out accordingly.

Time to Market

Sage X3 offers a range of capabilities which accelerate products getting to market. From New Product Introduction (NPI) functionality to automating key manufacturing processes you save time in the production process; helping you ensure that your business is always delivering your products to market on time, at the right margin.

Quality Control

Track and maintain quality specifications and test results for raw materials, intermediates and finished goods at various stages in their life cycle.

Sage X3 has a number of quality control functions that will put your (and your customer’s) mind at ease. QC processes are integrated across your entire organisation with inspections automatically enforced at user defined stages of goods-in and manufacture. If the system detects non-conformance to required characteristics, operational specifications, or expected results you are alerted immediately and know about any faults or mistakes long before your customer has ever set eyes on the finished product. This is backed up with full traceability and recall functionality.

Benefits & Features of Sage x3

Purchasing and Procurement

Sage X3’s purchasing and procurement features offer a comprehensive and efficient solution for managing procurement processes. With quick access to vital information such as products, price lists, discounts, and carriers, users can make informed decisions swiftly. The platform’s versatile accessibility allows inventory counts and details to be viewed from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, ensuring that essential data is always at hand. Sage X3 also streamlines the creation and management of purchase requests, orders, and contracts, while its budget monitoring and multi-stage signature control features enhance oversight and approval processes. Additionally, the system supports outsourcing, making it a robust tool for optimizing procurement activities and maintaining control over expenditures.


Sage X3 ERP has emphasised the manufacturing and distribution industries. As a result, Sage X3’s robust core functionality enables companies to easily streamline compliance and eliminate inefficiency, providing a significant advantage over legacy systems and other less powerful ERPs.

You can be assured Sage X3 will help you comply quickly so you can focus on growing your company.

Automated Workflows and Alerts
Sage X3’s automated workflow and notification management allows businesses to respond confidently and rapidly to changing conditions. These workflows are pre-configured based on best practices, ensuring efficient operations from the start. Additionally, they offer flexible rules that can be customized for specific processes or tailored by user, role, or group, providing a personalized and adaptable solution for managing business activities.
Event-Based Triggers

Sage X3’s event-based triggers offer versatile functionality, allowing actions to be initiated based on various conditions such as data changes, data entry, processes, system events (like data export, print, or email), or user actions. This flexibility ensures that the system can respond dynamically to a wide range of scenarios, enhancing operational efficiency and responsiveness.

Personal Dashboards
Sage X3’s personal dashboards give users a real-time, company-wide view of operations, enabling informed decision-making. With role-based KPIs and customizable dashboards, users can monitor performance metrics tailored to their specific needs. The platform allows for the inclusion of pertinent information on individual dashboards, providing a personalized user experience. Furthermore, users can swiftly identify anomalies and access detailed information with a single click, ensuring quick and efficient issue resolution.
Complete Inventory Control

Eliminate inefficiencies and streamline your inventory levels with end-to-end integration of your warehouse management as well as reduce inventory write-offs with expiration date, use-by-date, or re-control date management.

Stock and inventory quality control processes being time-consuming and difficult to trust.

Sage X3 Can help by providing:

  • Extensive warehouse management capabilities.
  • Supports directed put-away, pick-planning and scheduling.
  • Searchable stock balances by site with further zooms to location and lot levels
  • Real-time traceability.
  • QC activity available for inquiries, audits and report generation.
  • Cost control with the integration of additional purchasing costs.
  • Anticipate shortages with the integration of the sales forecasts.
  • Multi-warehouse management.
  • Multiple replenishment engines.
Cost Saving

In industries where profit margins are small and volumes high, it is important to have an accurate view of where your money is being spent. You might discover that a product you thought was marginally profitable is actually losing the business money. This is where Sage X3 makes a real difference to your bottom line.

Sage X3 allows you to focus your efforts on products that are clearly profitable and ensure that time and effort isn’t wasted where money isn’t being made or sales prices are adjusted.

Sage X3 supports detailed production management and shop-floor-tracking, allowing you to capture plant time, labour and overhead expenses to ensure your calculations are accurate and you are making informed business decisions on real-time data. 

Single Source of Truth

Sage X3 provides an organisation-wide solution,  ensuring that everyone is working from a single system and accessing the same information. Your team is always updating core data (products, customers and suppliers) in the same place – reducing duplication and minimising errors. Whether your business is assembling products, processing or blending, making to order (MTO) or making to stock (MTS); Sage X3 can provide a single point of planning, control and reporting. 

Responsive To Change

Sage X3 is a multi-level system that allows your business to scale and develop. Whether you need to change a BOM, introduce a new product or change suppliers – Sage X3 has you covered.

With subcontract management native to Sage X3 you can outsource part of production to another site or company, allowing you complete flexibility over your products production lifecycle. X3 can also work in a variety of modes whether it is make to stock, make to order, assemble to order or a mixture of all the above, the system can handle even the most complex routes of manufacturing.

Using Sage X3’s MRP capability it can make the right suggestion for your business. 

Electronic Document Management
Electronic Document Management (EDM) provides more control over document flow, increases archiving efficiencies, and streamlines document distribution. It eliminates the need for filing, photocopying, printing, and envelope stuffing, immediately providing all documents throughout the company. By adhering to all regulations with secure archiving practices, EDM ensures compliance without the hassle of paperwork, making document management more efficient and effective.
Sales Management

Sage X3 comprehensive sales management capabilities allow users to:

  • Quickly access real-time information.
  • Flexible pricing system, able to create prices for various events as well as enact mass price changes and entry of future prices.
  • Issue customer quotations, book and transmit orders, manage contracts, display and allocate goods from stock, and manage the dispatch and loan of goods before invoicing.
  • Remote access via any mobile device.

Mobility and real time access, provide a better customer experience by providing accurate information on the spot. Reduce time to place orders. Reduce calls to accounting and warehouse by providing real-time data to sales teams in the field.

Comprehensive Finance Suite

Sage X3’s financial management features provide a powerful and efficient framework for handling various accounting needs. The platform supports a general ledger and multi-ledger structure, facilitating comprehensive financial tracking and reporting. It also manages accounts receivable, creditor accounting, and account payment transactions, ensuring smooth financial operations. Cost accounting and budget control are seamlessly integrated, enhancing financial oversight and resource allocation. Sage X3 ensures the reliability of financial information with accurate data, making audits more straightforward. Additionally, the efficiency of financial processes is significantly improved through integrated and automated systems, streamlining operations and reducing manual workload.

Download The Official Sage X3 Capabilities Guide

Find out more about the full product capabilities, with a detailed list of all the functionality available in Sage X3 today.  Download the PDF detailed product guide for a full list of features. 

Why you should choose Mysoft For your ERP jounrey

Unmatched Sage X3 Expertise

As the first Sage X3 UK partner, with a team of over 50 Sage X3 dedicated professionals who have over 400 years of collective experience we have positioned ourselves as one of the most knowledgeable (if not the most)product & subject matter experts for X3 in the manufacturing industry.

Best in Class Sage X3 Support

At Mysoft we focus on helping your company achieve the highest efficiency and agility possible. Our extensive and diverse experience in understanding ERP allows your business to unlock its full potential using Sage X3. Our expert team combines advanced Sage X3 knowledge with a wealth of real-world business, financial and IT experience.

Our Support team can provide meaningful assistance around the world on all aspects of Sage X3.  For more information, visit our support page.


For Mysoft, our satisfied customers are our best advocates. We recognise that every business is unique and distinct, and we tailor solutions to meet the specific needs of each site. Our focus is operational excellence, from initial scoping and implementation to ongoing development and support. Mysoft’s track record of successful implementations and positive client feedback demonstrates our commitment to providing great outcomes. We hope that our team serves as a trustworthy companion on your ERP journey, ensuring a safe and reliable experience.

Implementation Methodology & Approach

Having been established 20 years ago, and as the first Sage X3 partner in the UK, Mysoft recognises that implementing an ERP system is never the same twice, every business is different and needs an approach that respects that and works with the business – not against it.

Mysoft adopts an customer-centric approach to project delivery. This means that we deploy expert resources in every aspect of your ERP implementation, from project management, support, consultancy, and R&D teams.

Development Capabilities & Suite of Plug-Ins & Solutions

Over the two decades of operation, Mysoft has grown and honed our internal development capabilities.

Our team have developed over 10 ‘ready-to-use’ Plug-Ins, and brought the X3CloudDocs automation solution to market.  X3CloudDocs is the top listed solution on the Sage X3 marketplace.  We regularly carry out bespoke development work for clients, using our structured approach to deliver effectively to a very high standard.

A recurring theme in testimonials we receive relates to the development capabilities and timeframes that Mysoft has been able to provide customers. When choosing Mysoft, you are truly choosing a development powerhouse and can be assured that you are getting the best in the industry.

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