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Quality Control in Sage X3

Quality control is a system whereby standards in manufactured products are maintained by testing a sample of the output against the specification.


The Problem

Poor quality control can result in non-conformance where a product, service or process does not meet the defined specification or industry standard. A common problem within the manufacturing world is that defects are often not spotted until the end of the manufacturing process. This creates a risk where an entire batch might be produced with flaws, for example, a packet of biscuits might have the incorrect ingredients printed on the packaging for a batch of 2000 units. Non-conformances can negatively impact a company in terms of cost, reputation, efficiency and effectiveness.


The Solution

Ensuring that quality controls are in place is a never-ending task for operations and quality managers. Non-conformance management software is a useful quality tool that helps manufacturing and distribution companies satisfy compliance requirements.

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Production tracking in Sage X3, click for larger image

Non-conformance management is the process whereby the organisation manages quality control issues so that they are identified, documented, evaluated/investigated, segregated and resolved as appropriate. This allows a business to improve profit margins and keep costs lower for the customer, therefore, remaining competitive within the vertical market.

Sage X3 allows operational performance to seamlessly integrate with a production control plan. Up to date work instructions and quality measures can be accessed across the whole business through the solution.

Non conformance Screenshot

Non-Conformance in Sage X3, click for larger image



Within Sage X3, users are able to preconfigure parameters and specifications for each item/product in order for the system to effectively manage non-conformance. Preventative and corrective action plans can be created from the Non-conformance Form or directly created without link to a non-conformance. From this stage, actions can be implemented to resolve and avoid future non-conformances.

Action Plan Screenshot

Action plan in Sage X3, click for larger image

A manual or paper-based system would not be able to achieve this process to such a precise and efficient standard that an electronic system can. Once a system, such as Sage X3, is in place, it is possible for costs, reputation, efficiency and effectiveness to improve within an organisation. 


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