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Is your business struggling with an outdated ERP system? Check out options for a new Sage system which can better suit the needs of your business.

Why it’s important to upgrade your ERP system

Upgrading your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is important for several reasons, as it helps organisations stay competitive, efficient, and secure in today’s fast-paced business environment.

  • Grow and Scale: As your business transforms and evolves it will need systems to adapt with it. Upgrading to Sage X3 will ensure that as you scale and grow your business, you will have a robust software “backbone” to support this. 
  • Functional enhancements: Upgrading to a new ERP, like Sage X3, offers the opportunity to adopt new functionality previously unavailable to your business – allowing you to maximise efficiency and drive growth. 
  • Security:  Legacy ERPs can pose a significant vulnerability to organisations, and businesses are often left with two options: accept more risk and open this vulnerable environment to the outside world to support integrations, or miss out on opportunities to grow by “locking down” the system.  Keeping up to date with your ERP will allow you to maximise your commercial opportunity.

Advice on upgrading to Sage X3

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When is the right time to upgrade my ERP system?

There is never a “right time” as your business will always be busy and looking to undertake a range of projects; but as a general rule, being ahead of the curve and having software that allows your business to grow (rather than holding your operations back) is the right decision. Sooner is better. 

How much will it cost for us to upgrade to Sage X3?

Upgrades range in scale depending on your business – simple finance systems take less time than full manufacturing projects, likewise, single-territory projects are quicker than multi-national ones.   We would suggest that you speak with an expert, like Mysoft, to get a full understanding of the project costs.

How long will it take to upgrade to a new ERP system?

Projects to upgrade ERP systems range in timelines, depending on the scope of the project; from a short accounting-only project to a more detailed and lengthy manufacturing delivery.   The key is that the project is planned out to focus on delivery objectives that everyone can achieve.  Speak to us to find out more about a typical project for a business like yours.

Is Sage X3 a cloud solution?

Sage X3 is a cloud-native solution, but can also be deployed on-premises where required.  The deployment options depend on your needs, and we will work with you to understand what you want and suggest the best approach for your business.

Can I migrate my data to Sage X3?

Yes – absolutely.  There are a range of data migration options, but normally customers will bring over all of their “common data” (products, suppliers, etc.) and a limited history of transactions.

What are the alternative ERP systems to Sage X3?

The ERP market can be confusing, with lots of options, and comparing solutions can be tricky. Mysoft suggests a detailed needs analysis of your business to help identify the right solutions which might fit. Sage X3 is perfect for international businesses operating in the distribution, wholesale and manufacturing space.

Is Sage X3 a secure ERP software?

Yes – Sage X3 is a solution with security at its core; both from a perspective of internal data security and general cyber security.  Sage continues to invest heavily in the security of the Sage X3 system to ensure that the system complies with customer requirements and expectations.

Left Right

Mysoft were transparent, supportive, and helpful. The project was straightforward and smooth.

Nottingham Venues – Financial Controller
Left Right

Mysoft has been instrumental in the success of this project. Sage X3 has enabled us to automate and implement new business processes and we now have greater visibility of data than ever before.

Madison – IT Director
Left Right

We’ve received excellent support from Mysoft for our Sage X3 system.  They are quick to respond and resolve issues; and draw-in resources from their wider business to assist where necessary.

TIMCo – IT Director
Left Right

The Mysoft team have always been really friendly and clearly hard-working, seen through all the days they were willing to come all the way to Wales to see us! It was due to the people at Mysoft that we committed to the contract with them.

Burns Pet Food – Project Manager
Left Right

As our business has grown so have the expectations of our customers and suppliers. Sage X3 has allowed us to meet the demands of our trading partners by providing us with a powerful, yet easy to use set of tools.

RH Amar – IT Director

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