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The Differences Between Sage 200 and Sage X3

If your business is one of the many existing UK customers using Sage 200 then you will know what to expect with Sage; reliable, accurate and secure financial management.


Sage X3 users get the benefit of this “safe pair of hands” that Sage offers, in addition to being accustomed to its highly flexible and configurable nature, providing a wide range of business management tools integrated into one solution.


There is a range of key differences between the two software packages (Sage X3 and Sage 200) that will suit different businesses for different reasons. In a nutshell, Sage 200 is better suited to small to medium businesses operating in a single entity that require, predominantly, a single territory accounting solution. Sage X3, Sage’s most comprehensive ERP solution, is appropriate for medium to large companies operating globally that have complex or unique business processes and a view to grow.


Key Differences Between Sage 200 and Sage X3


FeatureSage 200Sage X3
Multi-territoryEach company is separately accessible.Multiple company information is accessible through one system at the same time.
Core Features
  • Finance
  • Limited sales and purchasing
  • Limited manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales and Purchasing
  • Distribution
  • CRM
CurrenciesMulti-currency Sales and Purchase ledgers, but single currency General Ledger.Full multi-currency across General Ledger meaning that a company can view General Ledger transactions in their base and reporting currencies.

Trading ledgers (SL/PL) can transact in multiple currencies, with options for revaluations at month end.

Multi-site (Stock Management)Yes – but no tracking goods in transit.Yes – full multi-site planning and transactions.
ScalabilityFor small to medium sized businesses.

A solution to continue the journey towards more efficient financial management during the early stages of growth.

For medium and enterprise sized businesses.

A highly scalable solution, and ideal for a business that has aspirations to grow and needs scalability to suit.  Ideal for companies growing by acquisition or rapid expansion.


Multi-Legislation Operations

Small businesses using Sage 200 that run in the UK become familiar with the legislative landscape, foreign taxations and legislations. When the time comes to expand to overseas sites, a package that is available in the local language, as well as meeting local statutory and legislative requirements is imperative.

Intercompany Capabilities

Sage X3 is a solution that excels in areas of complexity. It is a product that is multi-company, multi-location, multi-site, multi-currency and multi-language, all as standard. This helps businesses to gain data insights across the entire organisation from a single point of access, which is a key factor of growth. The business needs to be able to mine data from different areas of your business efficiently and provide cross company reporting so that it can respond efficiently to changes. Intercompany activity can be automated to create corresponding postings in multiple companies, allowing for simple auditability.


As a business grows, the volume of data within the business expands. With this growth comes more employees, more transactions and more historical information to store. Although Sage 200 has supported the company in the past, there is likely to be an increasing need to manage more concurrent users to aid efficiency, develop processes and enable the business to explore new markets and geographies.

Visibility of company-wide data is important, particularly with a higher number of concurrent users. With Sage X3, your operations, customers and suppliers are seamlessly integrated, even in complex business models. This allows for improved visibility and improved decision making.


As the number of users expands, the range of internal roles expands with it. Different departments need to use different parts of the solution, be it Sage 200 or Sage X3. With Sage X3 it is possible to control access to information on the system for different users.

Set permissions or limit access to information for particular users to improve the security of data internally and tailor the experience. The fully configurable nature of the solution means that Sage X3 is a more sophisticated offering and has a higher level of control and accountability.


Is Sage X3 Right for You?

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