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What’s Next for Sage 1000 and Sage Line 500 Users?

Sage 1000 ERP, formerly Sage Line 500, is characterised by its deployability and intuitive functionality for mid to large-sized organisations.

Unfortunately, Sage is no longer developing this software which means your business could be missing out on the latest technological efficiencies.

Since Sage published their end-of-life dates for both Sage 1000 and Sage Line 500, they have been providing service packs and patching updates every few months. These address defects and any major compliance changes, such as MTD. These services will only be supporting Sage 1000 V3 and V4 and Sage Line 500 V7.1. Any preceding versions will no longer be kept up to date.

By continuing to use the solution with additional patches or external integrated modules, you risk becoming vulnerable to bugs and issues surrounding the security of information. In order to keep your business safe and efficient, the logical next step is to invest in a solution that is fully supported and one that can cater for your growing needs. Sage is a business that is familiar and trustworthy to you so it makes sense to progress on to another reliable Sage product.

Sage X3 is a solution that offers you everything you love about Sage 1000, and more. Sage X3 provides a greater depth to the finance, manufacturing, distribution, data visibility and project functionalities, without the need for bolt-ons. All of your business processes can be viewed and managed under one roof.


At a glance, the key benefits of Sage X3 are:

  1. An accurate view of your business data in one solution, saving time
  2. A fully scalable solution to accelerate your business growth
  3. Multi-site, multi-country, multi-legislation and multi-language all as standard
  4. A flexible solution that is unique and tailored to your organisation without the need for additional modules
  5. A modern, easy to use solution that is consistently invested in and improved by Sage

For more information about the differences, click here.

As a Sage business partner specialising solely in the implementation, development and support of Sage X3, Mysoft are a reliable pair of hands for your ERP transition from Sage 1000 or Sage Line 500. We understand that each business is unique and requires a tailored solution. Sage X3 is a higher tier solution that can offer far more sophisticated functionality without the need for additional software – reducing costs and eliminating unnecessary workload.

Choose a solution that can unlock your business’s potential for years to come. Click here to learn more about the cost of Sage X3.

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