Madison ~ e-Commerce

Madison ~ e-Commerce

Why Madison chose Mysoft to upgrade its e-Commerce facilities

Established in 1977, Madison distributes many of the World's leading cycle brands including Shimano and operates from offices in Stanmore, North London supported by distribution centres in Milton Keynes.

The Challenge

Madison has embraced the advances in technology to develop the business and has never shied away from making the significant investments in technology and infrastructure necessary to maintain its market leading position. In 2008 it set about an ambitious project to upgrade and scale-up its e-Commerce facilities with the ultimate intention of delivering the very best online experience in the entire industry as well as one that could provide a tailored customer experience.

The Solution

To maximise business process efficiency and accuracy of content delivery online, the company chose an e-Commerce platform with the implementation support and assistance of Mysoft.

The solution delivered allows retailers to login and experience a purchasing environment tailored to their individual needs. Contract catalogues, order pads, prices and e-procurement are just some of the functions incorporated to put customer experience first.

Key to the solution approach has been the shared understanding that b2b e-Commerce is not just about delivering great catalogue and cart handling technologies. A large proportion of the Madison solution success can be credited to e-Commerce functionality which extends past the obvious, streamlining processes in core areas of the business which go way 'beyond the basket'.

  • International language and currency handling
  • Tailored CMS
  • Price management
  • Automatic content updates
  • Tailored business fit
  • Telesales support
  • Customer intelligence analysis
  • High performance dedicated hosting
  • Integrated Apple iPhone and iPad
  • B2B e-Commerce apps (see below)

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  • Renowned sector leading solution
  • Fully integrated product, stock control, invoice, order status and client data
  • High capacity - high order volumes and large number of products
  • Multi vertical support to control which products each client can purchase
  • Dealer support library providing dealers with access to print quality product and brand imagery with single product or bulk downloads to save marketing department time
  • Online credit control facilities to enable clients to pay invoices by credit card
  • Comprehensive promotions including complex kit and bundle support
  • Customers can order via specialist b2b e-Commerce Apps on their iPhones and iPads with full real time interoperability with the standard web based ordering environment