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The Benefits of PJC

Discover how PJC can save you time and improve efficiencies through three key areas; Project Management, Finance and Administration.
The Benefits of PJC

PJC (or Project and Job Costing) is the Sage ERP X3 solution which provides a comprehensive method of managing projects, services activities and contracts management.

The software aims to consolidate project planning and financial management for more accurate financial forecasting, improved business management and more efficient resource allocation. There are three key areas where PJC saves time and increases efficiencies; project management, finance and administration.

Project Management

PJC is designed to move project management away from an over reliance on complex spreadsheets and/or third party tools like Microsoft Project. The solution unifies the planning of multiple projects into one solution. This allows managers to see a global view of the status of all business activities, if they are running on time and to budget, as well as being able to dig deeper into the details of each specific project. This makes considerable time savings when compiling reports for the board or senior management and provides greater visibility of how your business is performing as a whole. By using one solution a project manager can also accurately see and allocate available resources, avoiding double bookings and resource clashes.

PJC project planner, click on the image to zoom in: 


The solution not only combines all projects into the same system but also integrates the financial and project planning side of all projects. As the service industry relies on selling time rather than a physical product discrepancies can occur over what has been delivered and what needs billing for. PJC provides total clarity to your customers by detailing the time, service and price, line by line, all automatically. As a business you also gain complete visibility of finances across all projects. At any given time in a project’s lifecycle you can take a snapshot of the numbers and see if the project is running to budget and if it is forecasted to be completed in profit. PJC can handle many different forms of billing under one project including upfront, monthly, milestone and on delivery.


By integrating the project management and financial side of planning a project PJC saves considerable amounts of time by eliminating the duplication of workload and avoids mistakes being made. Instead of project management and finance working disparately, and coming to different conclusions, you run one financial report in PJC and know you have the accurate numbers straight away. Time is also saved through PJC’s time tracking web portal. Your professional services team can individually log their own time in a matter of minutes, instead of a project manager spending hours poring over piles of timesheets every month. The system also allows project templates to be created, so for each new project you have a framework to work to instead of starting from scratch. All of this functionality saves project managers and administrators a huge amount of data entry time.

PJC is your secret weapon in project management. Say goodbye to never ending spreadsheets, time consuming data entry and calendar mix up’s. PJC instead allows project managers to focus on the bigger picture, looking at the financial forecasts, the profitability of a project and where better decisions can be made moving forward.


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