Success Story


TIMCO, also known as T I Midwood & Co Limited, is one of the UK’s largest and fastest-growing wholesalers to the construction and industrial sectors. Established in 1972, the company imports and supplies more than 8,000 quality products from around the world throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.


TIMCO’s range of professional products are made for the trade to the same exacting standards. From screws and fixings to power tool accessories, hand tools, adhesives, chemicals, personal and site protection, security, ironmongery, building hardware, workwear and beyond.


Decision to Upgrade


Having used Sage X3 since 2014, TIMCO recognised the importance of staying current with the latest functionalities and decided to upgrade their system to the latest version, V12. The upgrade was partially driven by the desire to access new features, such as Making Tax Digital. Upgrading also allowed them to move to the cloud, enabling better scalability and performance, as they were starting to face constraints with their on-premise servers in the previous version.

Recognising the importance of staying up to date, Operations Director, John deWeerd, states, “It’s been so long since we upgraded, so we needed to stay in support and stay current and make sure we were availing ourselves of what was in the new version.”.

TIMCO is focussed on delivering award-winning customer service and this upgrade would also give them the opportunity to continue a more regular upgrade path with Sage X3, taking advantage of new technology offered to support the next phase of the company’s ongoing growth.




The performance improvements and cloud migration were well-received by the users who adapted well to the new version, despite some trepidation prior to the project about any changes to the way they would interact with the system, such as the updated user interface.

John states: “It all went really well and the end result was good. We’re really happy with the platform that we’re on. It’s so much faster than it used to be. I don’t hear anybody complaining that the system is slow”.

Whilst undertaking the project, TIMCO and Mysoft were able to clean and validate some of the legacy custom code, which pre-dated Mysoft’s involvement with TIMCO, taking ownership of it and gaining a deeper understanding of the system; “I have a high level of confidence that when we come across a problem, the Mysoft team know what we do and what we have. We’re very pleased with how it all came out. We’re pleased with the support, pleased with the attention we got from all the areas.”

For organisations considering a Sage X3 upgrade, TIMCO’s experience offers valuable advice. Emphasising the importance of preparation, planning, and testing, they encourage others not to fear the process but instead embrace it as a vital step towards staying current and unlocking the full potential of the upgraded system.

TIMCO’s successful upgrade journey from version 9 to version 12 with Mysoft highlights the significance of maintaining modern technology solutions to remain competitive in the dynamic wholesale industry. With their improved system performance and enhanced functionalities, TIMCO is well-positioned to continue their growth and deliver exceptional service to their customers across the UK, Ireland, and Europe.

We asked John if he has any advice for other companies looking to upgrade their system: “There’s nothing to be afraid of. Like everything else, it is about preparation, planning and testing. You can’t really skip those things as it becomes vital and we did a sufficient amount of that.”.


Would you recommend Mysoft to undertake an upgrade project?

“Of course, we would recommend Mysoft. X3 is what you do. Between technical and consulting, project management and development, Mysoft have all of the skill sets and resources. You’d be in very good hands if Mysoft were managing your upgrade.” – TIMCO, Operations Director, John deWeerd

TIMCO continues to invest in its business operations by leveraging advanced technologies and innovative solutions.