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How to choose A Great Sage X3 ERP partner?

One of the biggest mistakes businesses often make in integrating an ERP system is choosing their ERP Partner. We have often rescued businesses that have undergone a long research phase choosing the ERP system but did not go through the same fine-toothed comb when it came to the ERP Partner (system integrator) and had their project fail originally before coming to us. An ERP system is as good as its implementation. This doesn’t mean that every ERP system is the same and can provide what your business needs, however, it also doesn’t mean that if you are unhappy with your ERP system, it is purely because of system limitations. In our experience, the implementation is as important as the product itself.

Clients also need to bear in mind that when choosing, they are not hiring a system integrator to do a one-off implementation/installation for them, but are choosing a partner for the lifetime of their ERP system (The average lifetime of an ERP system is between 7 to 10 years, and it will need support, upgrades and expansions during this time). With this in mind, there are a range of questions a business should ask when choosing a partner. 

1. Experience With Sage X3:

The experience of the system integrator with Sage X3 is crucial when implementing an ERP system. A Sage X3 experienced system integrator has in-depth knowledge of the software. This expertise is invaluable during the scoping and implementation process, ensuring the system is configured to meet your business’s specific needs and nuances.

Experience enables a system integrator to navigate the intricacies of Sage X3 efficiently. They are familiar with best practices and effective solutions, leading to a smoother and more rapid implementation process. Sage X3 is a versatile ERP system with customisation capabilities. An experienced integrator understands how to tailor the software to align with your requirements.

Mysoft’s Experience With Sage X3:

We are the first and most experienced Sage X3 partner in the UK and we take pride in our role as pioneers in delivering tailored ERP solutions designed to elevate the operational excellence of Sage X3 users.

With a legacy that spans years, our team boasts unparalleled experience in implementing and optimising Sage X3 for businesses in a variety of industries. We understand the intricacies of the business landscape and have honed our expertise to align seamlessly with diverse organisational needs. Above this, we have several referenceable clients that have managed to take their business to the next level using Mysoft and Sage X3.

This means that Mysoft clients are more likely to achieve project success when implementing Sage X3 due to our experience and depth of knowledge.

2. Experience With Similar Organisations:

Experience with similar organisations means the system integrator understands the specific needs, challenges, and workflows of your industry. This industry knowledge allows for a more targeted and effective implementation of Sage X3 tailored to your business requirements. Different industries often have specific compliance standards and regulations. An experienced integrator familiar with your industry is more likely to be well-versed in these requirements, ensuring that your ERP system is configured to meet all necessary regulations.

Organisations within the same industry often share common best practices. An integrator with a background in your sector can provide insights into industry-standard processes and procedures, aiding your organisation in adopting best practices and optimising its operations. Similar organisations may encounter common challenges. An integrator familiar with your industry is better equipped to anticipate and address potential issues, leading to more efficient problem-solving during the implementation and beyond.

Being familiar with the terminology, workflows, and nuances of your industry, the integrator can navigate the project with a quicker learning curve, allowing for a more rapid and efficient implementation of Sage X3. Having worked with similar organisations often comes with a portfolio of successful implementations. Reviewing these success stories can provide your organisation with confidence in the integrator’s ability to deliver tangible results aligned with your industry’s standards and expectations.

Mysoft’s Experience With Similar Organisations:

Mysoft has worked extensively with several businesses in a number of verticals that have different requirements from their ERP system. This has given us in-depth knowledge of vertical-specific requirements that allow us to understand clients’ wants and needs when it comes to ERP implementation. Moreover, to ensure we satisfy our client’s needs, we approach ERP implementation differently.

Tailored Solution:

One size does not fit all. We specialise in tailoring Sage X3 to match the unique requirements of your business. Whether it’s project management, resource allocation, financials, or any other requirement, our solutions are crafted to enhance efficiency and drive sustainable growth.

Holistic Approach:

Sage X3 goes beyond traditional ERP, and so do we. Our holistic approach ensures that every facet of your business operations is considered, providing you with a comprehensive solution that acts as the backbone of your organisation.

Expertise In Every Department:

At Mysoft, we believe in offering expert service throughout every department. This means that when working with us, you will get a dedicated account manager and a specialist project manager to oversee the work on your project. This means that the work will be offloaded from the development or consultant team, to allow them to focus on other aspects of your projects, but also provide you with best-in-class management services.

3. Partner Capabilities:

A robust partner portfolio reflects the integrator’s ability to collaborate with diverse specialists, each contributing unique expertise to different facets of the implementation process. This diversity ensures that the integrator can address a wide range of business needs, from industry-specific customisations to intricate technical requirements. Additionally, a well-curated partner portfolio is indicative of a strategic approach, where the integrator aligns with industry leaders and specialised providers, enhancing the depth and breadth of solutions offered. Clients benefit from this collaborative network by gaining access to a comprehensive set of skills, technologies, and resources, ultimately resulting in a more tailored, efficient, and successful ERP implementation. The integrator’s partner portfolio is a testament to their commitment to providing clients with a holistic and cutting-edge solution, leveraging the collective strengths of a collaborative ecosystem.

Mysoft’s Partner Portfolio:

Mysoft implements Sage X3 and supports Sage X3 alone. This means we are subject matter experts. We live and breathe Sage X3! We have a large team of consultants and developers whose sole focus is on Sage X3. This has given Mysoft a competitive edge in implementing and supporting Sage X3.

Mysoft has implemented countless bespoke additions to Sage X3 for its clients and has authored numerous Sage X3 plugins, including the highly regarded X3CloudDocs. We have a dedicated R&D team who work just to design new features to enhance Sage X3 for our clients. Alongside our capability in offering bespoke additions to our clients’ Sage X3 plugins, we are experts in Sage X3 Localisation and Legislations.

However, we do not stop there. To enhance our capabilities further, we have partnered with best-of-breed supplies to offer even more functionality to our clients.

In recognising the nature of ERP implementations, Mysoft has forged strategic partnerships with a network of specialists and best-of-breed suppliers. Understanding that no single partner can deliver the entirety, each collaborator brings unique expertise, collectively allowing us to address every facet of your business needs. This collective efficiency allows us to deliver best-in-class solutions without reinventing the wheel. Our collaborative ecosystem of partners ensures that you not only benefit from a wealth of knowledge but also gain access to diverse skill sets. Our network is finely tuned to deliver excellence at every step of your ERP journey.

4. Support Services:

Support services are a linchpin in the sustained success of any ERP system, providing critical functions that ensure continuous and effective operations. Firstly, they play a pivotal role in issue resolution, offering timely assistance and troubleshooting to minimise disruptions. Businesses are aware and appreciate that in the lifespan of any product, challenges are inevitable, and having a dedicated support service in place ensures that they can swiftly overcome obstacles and maintain seamless operations.

Beyond issue resolution, support services facilitate the evolution and optimisation of ERP systems. They manage software updates and upgrades, ensuring that organisations remain informed about the latest enhancements, features, and security patches. Additionally, these services assist in user training and guidance, helping both new and existing users stay proficient in utilising the ERP system effectively. Moreover, support services contribute to the customisation and configuration of the ERP system, adapting it to changing business requirements. This adaptability ensures that the ERP system aligns seamlessly with evolving workflows and continues to meet the specific needs of the organisation.

Furthermore, support services play a critical role in security, compliance, and performance monitoring. They actively monitor the ERP system’s performance, identifying potential bottlenecks and areas for improvement. This proactive approach contributes to the ongoing optimisation of system performance, enabling it to meet the organisation’s growing demands. Support services also play a crucial role in maintaining the security of the ERP system, implementing necessary measures, conducting audits, and ensuring compliance with industry standards. This comprehensive approach to system management establishes a strong foundation for a secure, compliant, and high-performing ERP environment.

Mysoft’s Support Services:

At mysoft, support sits at the core of our activities. We understand and appreciate that a robust and efficient ERP system requires meticulous care and expert attention. Our Support Services are not just a response to issues; they are a proactive strategy aimed at fortifying your Sage X3 environment, ensuring it thrives in the face of challenges and evolves with your business needs. Mysoft employs over 20 expert Sage X3 consultants who have in-depth knowledge of the platform and can offer best-in-class support to our clients.

5. Supporting Your Growth Plan:

Supporting the growth plan of Sage X3 users is essential for fostering scalability, adaptability, and efficiency within organisations. As businesses expand, the need for a scalable ERP system becomes paramount, capable of accommodating increased data volumes, user numbers, and evolving processes. By providing a supportive framework, organisations can optimise resource utilisation, ensuring that Sage X3 efficiently handles higher transaction volumes and meets the growing demand for real-time analytics. This adaptability is crucial for navigating industry changes, embracing extended functionalities, and seamlessly integrating new modules to align with evolving business requirements. Additionally, ongoing user training and support contribute to higher user adoption rates, enabling organisations to harness the full potential of Sage X3 during critical phases of expansion.

Furthermore, a well-supported growth plan for Sage X3 users involves the continuous monitoring of system performance and health. This proactive approach identifies potential bottlenecks, allowing for optimisations that ensure the ERP system operates optimally even as the organisation scales. Ultimately, by investing in the long-term cost efficiency of the ERP system and providing a foundation for sustained success, supporting growth plans contributes to the organisation’s ability to thrive in a dynamic business environment.

Mysoft’s Commitment To You:

At Mysoft, our commitment goes beyond the initial implementation; we are dedicated to empowering your ongoing growth plans. Recognising that the average lifespan of an ERP system spans 7 to 10 years, we prioritise a long-term partnership approach. Our services encompass regular upgrades, expansions, and continuous assistance tailored to your evolving business needs. Whether you’re scaling up operations, diversifying services, or exploring new markets, Mysoft stands by you, ensuring that your Sage X3 ERP system not only meets the challenges of today but evolves seamlessly to empower your ambitious growth plans in the years to come. With Mysoft as your trusted ally, embark on a journey where operational excellence aligns with your organisational aspirations, fostering sustained success and prosperity.

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