Mysoft’s new credit card processing component now available for Sage X3

Mysoft’s new credit card processing component now available for Sage X3

Mysoft's new credit card processing component is now available for Sage X3

Mysoft is pleased to announce the release of our latest component for Sage X3; credit card processing integration.

The credit card integration allows Sage X3 users to process credit card payments directly in Sage X3, store customers credit card details securely and allow credit card rebates and refunds to be processed.

The integration has been designed with the utmost security in mind. The integration is PCI-DSS compliant which means that credit details are not stored locally in Sage X3 but are stored securely in GobalIris RealVault and access to credit card refunds and rebates is restricted by X3 user access control. The use of GlobalIris and reconciliation tool RealControl enables full traceability of payments and full activity logs. Furthermore, the credit card processing workflow is designed on a ‘manage by exception’ model so any anomalies that occur in the card payment authorisation, capture or storage are immediately emailed to the systems administrator.

Credit card screen within Sage X3, click on the image to zoom in: 

The integration allows seamless and simple use of credit cards through the whole Sage X3 system, enabling a quicker and more user friendly process from the customers’ perspective. By using web services the integration allows fast online authorisation and payment capture. Credit card payments can be taken in sales order entry, sales invoices, sales credits and payments. Credit card authorisation is processed in the system using CVN and address verification with automatic payment generation at the time of successful authorisation. So the whole process is quick, simple and secure.

The Sage X3 credit card component also works with all of X3’s flexible features. It supports multicurrency credit card payments and refunds. It works with multiple credit card merchants and can also be integrated with other third party credit card processing partners e.g. Sagepay and Barclaycard Smartpay.

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