Sage Summit 2016

Sage Summit 2016

Mysoft attend the global Sage conference in Chicago with over 15,000 attendees and an A list line up of speakers

What have we learned so far?

It’s the biggest ever global Sage event with over 15,000 attendees and an A list line up of speakers, including Sir Richard Branson and Gwyneth Paltrow. As a long standing Sage X3 Business Partner Mysoft have been attending Sage Summit all week long.

But what have we learnt so far from the Summit? And what have been the key insights for us as a Business Partner?

Sage Integration Cloud


From a very sunny Chicago it is clear that the future with Sage software is contrastly cloudy, purely in the software sense that is! Stephen Kelly announced the new Sage Integration Cloud which will connect Sage cloud to all Sage applications, including payroll, HR and expenses. Stephen Kelly emphasised the importance of cloud in the eyes of the consumer with 60-70% of businesses predicted to move to the cloud by 2020. The cloud opens up a whole new arena of opportunity for Sage Business Partners and it’s great to see Sage ensuring that all of its on-premise products will now have a cloud offering as well. 

Sage Business Partners

It was also great to hear Stephen Kelly re-affirming Sage’s commitment to its partners and customers. A recurring theme was putting the customer first, a mantra that rings very close to home for the Mysoft team. With 52% of businesses in the UK using a Sage product, the CEO emphasised the importance of keeping these customers as the “beating heart of Sage” by maintaining customer loyalty. He also stressed their commitment to Sage partners “who are the face of Sage” and contribute a third of all revenue to the business. It was also a brilliant opportunity for our very own Chris Schafer to meet Stephen Kelly.


Sir Richard Branson

The second day of the event saw a real buzz in the air as everyone geared up for the big talk of the day, coming from superstar Entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson. It was an inspirational session which covered everything from the average Joe going into space to working from home, or your own island in Richard Branson’s case! The key take aways were that nothing is impossible, to not accept the acceptable and in the face of difficulties just say “screw it, let’s do it!”. An energetic, passionate and rousing speech showing exactly why Sir Richard Branson is one of the highest profile global billionaires.



Then everyone at Sage Summit was introduced to Pegg, our new friend in accounting! The cute virtual assistant uses Facebook Messenger and Slack to manage all your business admin. Simply start a conversation with Pegg and he can keep track of all your expenses, update you on how much you have spent and even let you know who’s late in paying an invoice. This can all be seamlessly linked with your Sage X3 solution, adding some really smart, simple and ingenious functionality! 

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