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Sage X3 is Now Sage Enterprise Management

Sage X3 is Now Sage Enterprise Management
Sage X3 is Now Sage Enterprise Management

This blog is from 2018, click here for an updated version. 

Sage have renamed Sage X3 to Sage Enterprise Management.

The name change has come about in order to distinguish where Sage’s solutions sit in the marketplace, hence including the word “Enterprise” for their enterprise level product. This should make it simpler and easier for businesses to understand which Sage solution will fit their company.

Sage Business Cloud

This comes as Sage also release “Sage Business Cloud”, an umbrella term for all of their solutions. All Sage products now sit under the term Sage Business Cloud in order to present Sage solutions as one ecosystem, where businesses can grow from start-up to enterprise without having to use any other brand of technology. Within the Sage Business Cloud there is a solution for every step of a business’s journey, with the descriptive naming reflecting better which solution a company should choose.

Sage Business Cloud allows Sage customers to have the benefits of a cloud solution, even if their system is an on premise solution. If using an on premise solution there will be no change to the current system, customers will just be able to take advantage of the same suite of solutions and add-on products. Sage Business Cloud makes it easier and simpler for current Sage customers to move along the Sage journey as well as purchasing additional products.

Sage Enterprise Management and Mysoft

Moving forward Sage X3 will now be referred to as Sage Enterprise Management (or Sage EM) on all Mysoft marketing material and communications. The product name of “X3” originated from when the product was owned by Adonix back in 2005. Many of the Mysoft professional services team remember when the solution was still owned by Adonix, prior to its transition to Sage. With over 10 years’ experience with the solution our team have a depth of knowledge and understanding that is unrivalled in the UK. Our team are specialists with Sage’s Enterprise level product and this is the only solution Mysoft work with.

If you’d like to find out more about Sage Enterprise Management or the Mysoft team, please see the links below. 

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