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Carrying Out a Traceability Enquiry

Sage X3 How To:
Amy Paterson
By Amy Paterson, 15 June 2020
Carrying Out a Traceability Enquiry

Sage X3 is a powerful data management tool with a wide range of functionality. In this episode we take you through how to carry out a traceability enquiry in Sage X3.


Paul explains how to find the source of the raw materials that were used in a specific order you distributed to a customer.


Learn how to:

  • Use sales orders to determine the Lot number you need to focus on
  • Carry out a traceability enquiry using the product code and Lot number
  • Effectively analyse the traceability data to find your answer


By carrying out this process effectively, you can settle any customer queries and ensure compliance with industry regulations from governing bodies.


Complete traceability of your products and materials is important, find out why here.