Access Sage X3 From Any Mobile Device

Access Sage X3 From Any Mobile Device

Manage your business on the go with Sage X3

In a world where you can do everything from your mobile phone; order a new outfit, watch a film, even pay for a meal, shouldn’t you also have complete access to your business data?

With Sage X3 you can. By working through any web browser X3 works on any tablet, phone or laptop, giving your business a unique mobile edge.

Go Where Your Business Takes You

By having access to your ERP solution on the move you can complete tasks that would otherwise have had to wait hours in the space of minutes. A customer has suddenly decided that they need to place a bulk order but you are out on the road. Not a problem. Logging in via your phone you can check if you have enough stock, place the order and get back to your customer with their order confirmation. All in a matter of minutes.

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Achieve More, In Less Time

Being able to remotely approve orders, pay invoices and retrieve data not only enables you to complete business on the road but saves you time. When several people are needed to approve a payment or order you don’t have to wait for them all to be in the office. Using X3 workflow, you can send it off to everyone for remote approval while you carry on with your work. Companies with a mobile-ready solution can be more responsive to customers, move information more quickly, and reduce operating costs by achieving more in less time.

Real Time Integration 

As Sage X3 works through a web browser you are able to experience the same level of integration on the road that you would expect in the office. If a customer asks a tricky question in a meeting you can quickly look this up on your phone and have access to the real time data from your system. No need for a lengthy phone call back to the office, you can impress your customers with your quick and accurate responses.

Mobility will increase the ease of completing business on the move and increase the speed of response to your customers. To stay competitive in an increasingly mobile market place, Sage X3 gives you a unique edge over your competitors. Find out more today.